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Kindergarten Readiness

My daughter is 4, and turns 5 on January 19. The cut off date for kindergarten is 5 by September 1st. She doesn't meet this requirement but I am worried about her starting when she is older. She is very bright, understands early mathematics, great at writing and spelling, starting to read words, and gets along great with the other kids in her preschool with sharing and communicating.
She is very bright and I am worried that if I wait another year she wont be pushed in her learning throughout the rest of her school years.
I am wondering about early entry and if anyone here has gone through that process?
Can you even go through the process if the birthday is 4+ months away from the deadline, or is it too far away? Should I be worried about her being pushed or would it be better for her to wait?

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Asked by dbodani at 1:02 PM on May. 21, 2013 in

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  • Just keep her on track. She may be "very bright" but she's only 4 years old. Don't push scholarly talent on her at such a young age. Let her grown with her peers. A lot of that has to do with social maturity not just ABCs.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:04 PM on May. 21, 2013

  • The cut off date in my district is Aug 20th. My DD's b-day is Sept. 30th. So, she turned 6 shortly after school started. She's advanced too. She has a 2nd grade reading & math level (according to all the state tests) in Kindergarten. But, there's nothing I can do about it. They won't start skipping grades until after 1st grade. So, I'm hoping she'll go from 1st to 3rd.

    Answer by 3libras at 1:09 PM on May. 21, 2013

  • Wait. Why rush her into it? It is a very long day for even a 5 year old. Do another year of Preschool. They have Preschool programs called "Kindergarten Readiness". They are a little more advanced. It is a whole new ballgame when they start Kindergarten even if you think she knows it all.

    Answer by ILovemyPaulie at 1:09 PM on May. 21, 2013

  • Just wait. My daughter missed the cut off by a couple weeks and everything has been fine. She has always been more mature than most of her classmates, but that's a good thing ;)
    she's always gotten really good grades as well

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 1:15 PM on May. 21, 2013

  • She will do great because she will be Mature when she gets there. She wont be so excited about the newness and be fidgety. My son's birthday is in Oct, the cut off is Sept also, so he was almost 6 by the time he got to Kinder. He is a great helper to the teacher (some may call it a brown noser) but the teacher can trust him to go to the office and drop off or pick up things for her, he is who she chooses to escort other kids to the nurse and she knows he will come right back and not disturb other classes. I like that he is older.

    Answer by cassie_kellison at 1:21 PM on May. 21, 2013

  • Maturity will make a difference. Let her wait.

    Answer by Bmat at 2:13 PM on May. 21, 2013

  • The Sept. cutoff will place your child in the middle of the age range for her grade. School, especially the early grades, isn't just about academics and abilities. It's about learning the rules, getting along with others and maturing. She will be in the middle range now, which is usually a great place to be. She will have classmates that are both older and younger. Many of them will be very bright as well.

    Why guarantee that she is always the absolute youngest? That can be hard on a kid sometimes, ask my DD. She is 13 in the 8th grade and won't be 14 until many of her friends are already 15. She doesn't regret going ahead, but it still gets frustrating for her at times.


    Answer by balagan_imma at 2:28 PM on May. 21, 2013

  • My son was the same way - he turned 5 at the end of December. He's reading at a third grade level, already doing first and second grade work at home, but I just decided to keep him on track and start him this year like he's supposed to, instead of trying to start him last year. If he gets to school and they want to advance him I'd be okay with that, but I didn't want to start him before his time.

    Answer by bandgeek521 at 3:02 PM on May. 21, 2013

  • My boyfriend and his ex wife got their daughter started in kindergarten early when her birthday was only a few weeks after the cutoff deadline, but it practically took an act of Congress to get the school to agree to take her. I doubt if you'll even get in the door if your daughter's birthday is in January. I'd look for a good pre-K program for her so she'll be challenged next year and off to a great start in kindergarten after that.

    Answer by Ballad at 4:45 PM on May. 21, 2013

  • Research has shown that pushing kids academically early on actually leads to lower levels of learning than if they are allowed to play and be kids while it is their time to be and learn through playing. Give her another year to be a kid and support her interest in learning through play, but let her start kindergarten with people her age. I always thought it was weird/annoying in school when my classmates were older or younger than the rest of our grade. This way she'll pass the same milestones around the same time as her friends.

    Answer by katinthehat8914 at 11:21 PM on May. 21, 2013

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