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Is it just me?

Not that I don't love Facebook but sometimes I don't as is it just me but it's really has so cons more than pros it seems. How do you feel about the social networking site these days? do you think they can be a problem?


Asked by Sillylins at 12:20 PM on Jun. 3, 2013 in Relationships

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Answers (7)
  • Facebook has some clear positives and I'm glad to have an account & to be (able to be) in contact with the people on my "friends" list, but you are not alone in feeling that it may have more cons than pros, and the whole thing is not without "issues." (CM included, lol!)

    Sure, I think that social networking sites can be a problem. Absolutely.

    They can serve the (usual) function of escape & avoidance that any addictive substance can. I think it's basically about personal health, balance.

    I don't identify the problem with the site (or substance) itself. It's more about the function it serves, and the fact that people are vulnerable to seeking out that self-soothing function in so many arenas. This being one of the latest.

    I also don't think that's it's ONLY function!

    But you are not alone in your misgivings or your sense that social networking sites CAN be "a problem."

    Answer by girlwithC at 1:35 PM on Jun. 6, 2013

  • Facebook is a waste of time IMO. I"m in my 20s and I don't bother with FB. CM is the only social networking site I have and want. I understand that FB can help you connect with friend and family you aren't near my honestly if you cared that much about someone you wouldn't need FB to stay in contact with them. You can always call, text or email them without FB.

    Answer by LostSoul88 at 12:24 PM on Jun. 3, 2013

  • I don't have a problem with FB. I figure the people with problems are usually either A) the ones creating the drama and everyone else should just block them or B) allowing the drama of others to affect them and should block the ones they can't handle.

    Answer by kmath at 12:22 PM on Jun. 3, 2013

  • I have an account but do not log in for months. I never have anything to update. And its time consuming reading everyone else's update.


    Answer by virginiamama71 at 12:28 PM on Jun. 3, 2013

  • I don't do FB & don't plan to. I've seen too much drama come from it for the people who I know that are on it. Why some choose to broadcast personal or family business on the internet & then "strangers" can comment on it, is beyond me. This is the only site I belong to, & if I couldn't be just a screen name, I wouldn't even do that.


    Answer by mrsmom110 at 2:22 PM on Jun. 3, 2013

  • From what I've noticed about FB, it's a time nibbler. I wonder sometimes if the addicted ones know they lose five minutes here, fifteen there, and it adds up to hours over a week. (Not that I don't have my own addictions, too, we all do.) But what really gets me about FB is how people will check it on their phones when out with other friends at restaurants or wherever. So they're taking time off from being social with the ones they chose to go somewhere with to check social updates from others ... hmmm.

    Answer by Ballad at 2:34 PM on Jun. 3, 2013

  • I like Facebook because it's a great way to keep in touch with people I don't get to see often. I love seeing pictures of my niece and nephews and my friends' children who live far away from me.

    Answer by JulieJacobKyle at 12:33 PM on Jun. 3, 2013