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I'm talking REALLY easy cooking

So, I'm thinking my aspie son who will be 19 soon, needs to learn to cook. Oh he can open cans and heat up soup, etc.... But I want him to learn how to cook. He still has 3 years of college, so his meals are cooked for him at school, but he eventually will need to cook for himself. He can make hotdogs, and frozen pizza. I have made him cook dinner before, but he makes things like hotdogs, spaghetti, and pizza. ( I let him choose)I have taught him how to cook ground beef, as a base for things like spaghetti. The problem is he has no interest in learning. He would be happy living on what he knows how to make now, or buying premade food. I have been trying to think of things that are soooo simple, he might do it on his own. So far I have roasted chicken, roast pork, baked potatoes, and steamed veggies. So I was wondering if you have any ideas. Just keep in mind that something like Hamberger Helper would be more than he would be willing to do.


Asked by musicmaker at 9:28 PM on Jun. 20, 2013 in Food & Drink

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Answers (15)
  • My 12 yo did shake n bake chicken recently - a little high in sodium but you could substitute any type of bread crumb coating, just toss chicken in plastic bag and shake.
    Also, our parks and rec has cooking classes for HFA teens and adults. Might want to check around to see what might be available

    Answer by missanc at 9:34 PM on Jun. 20, 2013

  • Have you thought of a crock pot?
    I mean I don't see how you can get him to make roast pork or chicken if Hamburger helper is too much work, but a crock pot where he just throws a bunch of things in and leaves it sit on LOW for the day MIGHT just work.

    Answer by KristiS11384 at 9:38 PM on Jun. 20, 2013

  • I was gonna suggest a crock pot too. We make BBQ pork and chicken in it too when DH doesn't have the time to smoke anything.

    Answer by mommy_jules at 9:53 PM on Jun. 20, 2013

  • How about things that don't have to be cooked but just chopped and mixed, like tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, or maybe even a tossed green salad.

    Answer by QuinnMae at 10:32 PM on Jun. 20, 2013

  • I was thinking the same.
    Teach him how to boil an egg and fry an egg.
    Teach him to make a salad.
    Add tuna or left over or deli meat chopped and a hard boiled egg chopped and add some bread and butter.

    If he can boil spaghetti noodles he can make a pasta dish this can be eaten warm or cold.
    Boil bow tie or twists of pasta until done. Have chopped vegies, whatever he like and chopped garlic and herbs(if he is inclined)
    Toss with a little olive oil. Plate and top with parm cheese

    Answer by Dardenella at 11:03 PM on Jun. 20, 2013

  • When you teach him to roast a chicken or other meat make sure he knows to roast more than he needs. Then he can slap a sandwich together or toss some on a salad to add protein.

    Teach him to bake a potato in the microwave. Add toppings and instant meal.

    I would go slow and just have him make on thing over and over. So say for the next 4 times he cooks he makes roasted chicken and a micro baked potato with you making a small salad.
    Then tell him chicken get kind of boring, lets make a big chef's salad and do that for the next few times.
    The more he does the same dish the more comfortable he will be. And the more willing to try new things.

    But remember tha people, especially men, have lived on limited variety and fast food ( and cans and boxes) for generations. He will survive on whatever he makes and eventually will want to learn something different.
    I am all for the crock pot . I love mine.

    Answer by Dardenella at 11:12 PM on Jun. 20, 2013

  • What about chili? That's pretty easy. Or mix rice, mushroom soup, and milk in apan, lay some chicken pieces on top, cover the whole thing with foil, bake till done.

    Answer by Ballad at 12:49 AM on Jun. 21, 2013

  • If something as easy as Hamburger Helper is too much work for him, then I think the crockpot is definitely the way to go. What, exactly, about the HH is too much work, though? It seems easier to me than making spaghetti?

    You can teach him something similar to the chicken and rice thing with chicken and stuffing - but you mix the mushroom soup with sour cream and spread it over the top of the chicken and stuffing. And if he wants to get fancy, some swiss cheese can be put on top of the chicken.

    Stuffing itself is pretty easy to make - even if you make it yourself, you mostly just add water and seasonings to the dried bread, so not too hard and he can put it with just about anything. Teach him to fry bacon - that's super simple and that can be breakfast, or make BLTs for lunch or dinner.

    Answer by wendythewriter at 8:01 AM on Jun. 21, 2013

  • Does he have a sweet tooth? Boxed cake mix is super easy (my 10 year old makes them), and might give him the bug to try more. Bread is equally as easy (from scratch even, it's just mix, beat it up a little, throw in the oven later)

    Answer by NotPanicking at 5:25 PM on Jun. 21, 2013

  • Good idea, I'll check into it

    Comment by musicmaker (original poster) at 9:38 PM on Jun. 20, 2013