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help I had a bag of potatoes so I put them in the garbage a nd 2 days later maggot s ervery in my garages and I tre bleach and amona they were still there help

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Shannon S.

Asked by Shannon S. at 4:06 PM on Jul. 1, 2013 in Health

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  • bleach water and a broom... You will need to clean the surfaces AND get rid of the flies/moths that are relaying eggs there.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 4:12 PM on Jul. 1, 2013

  • You need a bacterial disinfectant such as Lysol or Pine Sol. Bleach only kills viruses that it why it is not working, you need to kill the bacteria.
    Also, you can buy Lysol as a concentrate it is very very effective on contact.

    Answer by ptomom678 at 4:20 PM on Jul. 1, 2013

  • bacteria is NOT creating maggots. Flies are. Flies laid the eggs that created the maggots- which turned into flies that lay eggs that create maggots... You need to get rid of the fly problem. It matters not what you use as long as you get it ALL clean. Like spotless. They need to have no access to food or water so they can not continue to breed in your garage. So clean, clean clean, and use some fly traps as well. It may take several cleanings to break the cycle completely.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:25 PM on Jul. 1, 2013

  • anon, no one said that bacteria is creating maggots. Flies are attracted to bacteria and that is why they are laying maggots. Shannon, I have used anti-bacterial cleaner on maggots and it is very effective while cleaning the area. I have been a house wife for 17 years and have learned the tricks of the trade on cleaning and exterminating. Try it, it works and please let me know the outcome.

    Answer by ptomom678 at 4:29 PM on Jul. 1, 2013

  • I have been a house wife for 15 years and my DH is an exterminator so I know what I am talking about to. An antibacterial soap won't hurt but it isn't magical. Any cleaner will life the grime they are feeding on. You don't necessarily have to kill it to clean it up. Clean it however you want but if it is not spotless and you don't get rid of the adults they will continue to find places to breed.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:34 PM on Jul. 1, 2013

  • Dear anon, this is not a debate the young lady just simply want to know how to get rid of maggots in her garage. I am just telling her from my experience whenever I have seen the presence of maggots such as in the trash can after trash day during the summer, I would always use Lysol or Pine Sol a baterial disinefectant which works on contact while you clean. I have tried bleach but it really dosen't work. BTW when the area is cleaned on a consistent basis with these agents the likelyhood of flies laying maggots are less.

    Answer by ptomom678 at 4:52 PM on Jul. 1, 2013

  • You are right. It's not a debate. Why is why I am confused as to why you keep adding all you BTW's and such. Your first answer was not clear. I was simply identifying that they way you said it did not sound correct. You are the one that chose to continue the dialect and throw how many years you have been a housewife around. I was simply following suit.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:01 PM on Jul. 1, 2013

  • Sigh....
    If you get rid of all the garbage in the garage...and keep the cans sealed properly,the flies won't have anything to lay eggs on. Or put your cans outside.
    They're just bugs. Hell,Dawn dish soap will work to clean them up. You don't need some magic cleaner

    Answer by butterflyblue19 at 5:06 PM on Jul. 1, 2013

  • Butterfly is right. The first thing is to get rid of the trash. Either take it somewhere to drop it or put it out at the curb. Then after the trash is gone, clean out the empty trash cans and let them dry before putting anything else in it or putting the lid back on.

    Answer by QuinnMae at 5:16 PM on Jul. 1, 2013

  • who the hell let it out of the debate section?

    Answer by feralxat at 5:20 PM on Jul. 1, 2013

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