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Ohio Tea Party Governor Kasich Destroys Women's Rights Overnight!

Ohio Tea Party Governor Kasich Destroys Women's Rights Overnight! - Americans Against the Tea Party

The Republican-dominated Ohio State legislature, along with Governor John Kasich dismantled women’s reproductive rights with the stroke of a pen last night. All this was done last-minute without debate, and without hearings. These horrifying provisions were added into a budget bill and slammed through. They knew what they were doing.

How bad is it for Ohio women now? Bad. In Ohio, you are now pregnant before a fertilized egg implants in the uterus. You will be forced to submit to and pay for medically unnecessary ultrasounds. You will be lied to by taxpayer-funded religious organizations, who will still receive their funding ahead of Planned Parenthood. An abortion provider will be required by law to attempt to find a fetal heartbeat and inform you if there is one. You may not be able to use an IUD in the state of Ohio.

According to MaddowBlog, the policies themselves are nothing short of breathtaking in their scope:

* Rape crisis centers will operate under a state-imposed gag order — rape-crisis counselors will face new restrictions when telling impregnated rape victims that they can legally terminate their pregnancy.

* The budget effectively defunds Planned Parenthood clinics in the state.

* There’s a provision to require women seeking legal abortions to undergo a state-mandated, medically-unnecessary ultrasound — even if women don’t want one, and if their doctor doesn’t recommend one. Ohio Republicans proudly declared they want to put themselves between patients and their physicians, prescribing specific procedures for no medical reason.

* Women will also be required to pay for state-mandated, medically-unnecessary ultrasounds they do not want and their doctors do not think they need.

* Physicians will be legally required to deliver a Republican-written speech to women seeking legal abortions. Whether the doctor believes what’s in the script, or even wants to say those words to his or her patient, has been deemed irrelevant.

* Clinics that provide abortion services will be required to have transfer agreements with local hospitals, and then bans public hospitals from establishing those agreements, all in the hopes of shutting the clinics down.

* And Republican policymakers in the state decided to redefine the words “pregnancy” and “fetus” in state law — the budget decides that a woman is pregnant even before a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterine lining. The effect of this policy may prevent a woman from using an IUD in the state of Ohio.

Has anybody seen this? If it's true, it's horrifying!


Asked by Ballad at 11:56 PM on Jul. 2, 2013 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (14)
  • im more upset by the methods they went thru to get this to pass than the stuff in it (tho if true some of that does piss me off). i dont understand how any elected official can just randomly add and pass stuff of this magnitude without any debate or hearings.

    small government my ass...

    Answer by okmanders at 1:58 AM on Jul. 3, 2013

  • Eliminate the words abortion/ women's rights from the equation

    What we have here is the government mandating what information can and cannot be shared between patient and doctor. What FDA approved procedures can and cannot be performed.
    Is there any other medical condition under this level of government control?

    Lets use cancer as an example:
    If you want more information it is not restricted. If you want less information it is not forced on you. You and your doctor are also allowed to chose the best treatment option for You.

    Now imagine you decide on no treatment. Or that you want a specific treatment.
    But are told the government has decided the best course of action and you and your physician have no say in the matter.

    Again, this really is not just about abortion.

    Answer by feralxat at 10:28 AM on Jul. 3, 2013

  • It'll be overturned

    Answer by NotPanicking at 12:26 AM on Jul. 3, 2013

  • Don't forget Texas and North Carolina.

    Answer by Izsarejman at 12:06 AM on Jul. 3, 2013

  • So I am in effect, legally pregnant NOW?? I am traveling through Ohio in a week. If I have sex this weekend. I could be considered legally pregnant by the time I get to Ohio.
    I'll have to tell hubby he's out of luck AGAIN!

    Answer by PartyGalAnne at 12:07 AM on Jul. 3, 2013

  • yeah I don't think they can ban IUD I don't believe that part. I also don't believe you can be considered pregnant before implantation there is no way to detect a pregancy before implantation so I think a huge part of this article is slanted to scare then to inform.

    I have no problem with requiring an ultrasound to be done before any abortion takes place as well as an attempt to find a heartbeat. I do not agree that the price should full force on the patient. Why shouldn't a woman know exactly what is going to happen during an abortion and what the "fetus" is like in development? With every other medical proceedure done we get a speech about what will happen and the risk etc. so why not with an abortion as well?? If one truely wants an abortion and does not have a problem with development etc then it should not be a huge deal to either hear a heartbeat or see an ultrasound.

    Answer by tntmom1027 at 12:14 AM on Jul. 3, 2013



    "The budget also included several controversial anti-abortion measures, including one that will force any woman seeking an abortion to undergo a trans-abdominal ultrasound.

    Another measure of the budget puts Planned Parenthood last on the list of family-planning dollars..."

    "If (rape crisis) clinics are caught counseling sexual assault victims about abortion, they could lose their public funding, ...The bill does provide funding for "crisis pregnancy centers..."


    Answer by gdiamante at 12:33 AM on Jul. 3, 2013

  • I sure hope you are right NP.

    Answer by musicmaker at 12:34 AM on Jul. 3, 2013

  • IDK, I think this is just so much propaganda. Our Liberty Group keeps up with all of this, especially THIS budget, due to the opposition of the medicaid expansion. And there has been nothing said about this. I don't recall reading about this in what I was given to read, although I could have missed it in the length of the budget, and I can't find it now. Grr. I will keep looking, so I know for myself. But to be truthful, those things don't really much bother me. Abortion should be a last resort, and not so easily come by.

    Who could take the "MaddowBlog" seriously, anyway?

    Answer by 29again at 12:59 AM on Jul. 3, 2013

  • Although you cannot know if an egg has been fertilized that has not yet been implanted, the whole point of this is to stop all forms of hormonal BC. Though most of them work by inhibiting ovulation that's not all they do. They also provide an inhospitable environment for the fertilized egg to implant thus effectively stopping it from doing so. The IUD (with or without hormones) works in the same way by stopping implantation. The argument is that a fertilized egg is a potential human being.

    Dont brush this off so lightly. It is an appalling thought but there are enough nutters out there for this kind of thing to be adopted.

    Answer by goldpandora at 5:47 AM on Jul. 3, 2013

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