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me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex once before my period after my period and than again. All three times he did cum inside of me i knows there a high chance of pregnancy, but what is the chance is it pretty high? Its going on two week now and i have no syptoms. Each time i do think i feel something its goes away plese help

I also have a regular period and me and him are both very healthy

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Asked by shy24 at 2:50 AM on Jul. 4, 2013 in Trying to Conceive

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  • Most likely you will become pregnant unless he is sterile or close to being sterile. Why would you have unprotected sex 3 times? That's just not smart. Unprotected sex leads to pregnancy. You should take every precaution and assume you ARE pregnant, so do not drink alcohol, stop smoking, no drugs, eat healthy, take vitamins, etc. Go to the store and buy a pregnancy test. It's super cheap at Walmart for like $1.00/test and most major grocery stores carry a cheap brand. Be sure to follow the directions EXACTLY or the test might not work. While you're at the store pick up a box of condoms. You can also get them free at most free clinics and Planned Parenthood centers. NEVER have unprotected sex again. The guy should be buying condoms anyway. If your guy isn't, you really need to look for a new guy. But even if he isn't, it's still your responsibility to stay protected.

    Answer by hellokittykat at 3:08 AM on Jul. 4, 2013

  • You may be pregnant now, and if you aren't, you almost certainly will be soon if you keep on having unprotected sex. Use the brains you were born with. If you don't want a baby, get on a reliable form of birth control. If you have missed a period or are late, buy a pregnancy test so you'll know for sure.

    Answer by Ballad at 5:45 AM on Jul. 4, 2013

  • had sex after my period
    I also have a regular period


    banging head into wall


    Answer by feralxat at 8:22 AM on Jul. 4, 2013

    Perhaps you want to reconsider reproducing if you're not sure how all this works.

    Answer by PartyGalAnne at 9:38 AM on Jul. 4, 2013

  • JulieJacobKyle

    Answer by JulieJacobKyle at 12:34 PM on Jul. 4, 2013

  • 100% chance that your risk of pregnancy is very high.

    Just like there's a 100% chance that your risk of death is very high when you play Russian Roulette.

    You have a VERY VERY VERY high risk of being pregnant.

    Answer by gdiamante at 2:46 PM on Jul. 4, 2013

  • My apologies I should of made this clear WE ARE TRYING TO BECOME pregnant. I'm just so scared of finding out I may not be so I just asked for people advice

    Comment by shy24 (original poster) at 5:24 PM on Jul. 4, 2013

  • If you failed to have sex when you were ovulating your chances are next to none. The egg is only ideal for conception for 72 hours after it is released. If you miss that 3 day window then you have to try again next month. Just because he's "healthy" does not mean his sperm is. I was healthy too, but my fallopian tubes were blocked. Had to have them blown open before I could conceive. My cycles were regular too. Sex before your period is useless as you will shed the blood rich lining before it can be used. right after your period is too soon because the lining has not yet been restored. You might want to look at ovulation predictor tests. There is even a test now at Walgreens so men can check their sperm levels.

    Answer by 2autisticsmom at 5:57 PM on Jul. 4, 2013

  • Oh yeah forgot to mention sperm only average a three day lifespan as well. Though some can live up to a week. So keep that in mind when you are trying. You need to have sex every other day or so around ovulation to have a high chance of pregnancy.

    Answer by 2autisticsmom at 5:59 PM on Jul. 4, 2013

  • the chances are higher for you. But, I would just wait 5 days after missed period and take a test. good luck!

    Answer by Sillylins at 1:41 PM on Jul. 5, 2013

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