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Probably a dumb question but...can orgasm bring on preterm labor?

I might sound like a complete idiot for asking this but I'm asking anyway. Hopefully you all will have mercy on me lol

So, I'm 21 weeks and I have been a MAJOR horn dog. My husband can't keep up with me anymore and I'm literally horny 24/7 (going to talk to doc about it actually because it's almost at an unhealthy level).

Yesterday I had a little fun with myself *blushing* and I used a toy and I had the most mind blowing "O" I've had in my life...then DH came home and we went at it like animals and I "O"d two more times.

Well ever since last night I've been having what I believe are braxton hicks contractions but they got slightly more painful during the day today. They have leveled off but I got a little nervous there for a bit. I didn't have this problem during my first pregnancy so I'm not sure what to make of it.

Could I harm myself by having so many strong orgasms or am I probably fine? Should I risk the embarrassment and ask the doc about it?

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Asked by Anonymous at 5:44 PM on Jul. 29, 2013 in Pregnancy

Answers (6)
  • You're probably fine. And don't be too embarrassed asking the OB/GYN, their specialty IS women's reproductive systems.

    Answer by SWasson at 5:48 PM on Jul. 29, 2013

  • From what I know
    Being a trashy ho during the second Trimester is common and one of the few joys of pregnancy
    It is caused by the increased blood flow and pressure on the girly bits
    I have always been told to enjoy it because by the third trimester (when you enter beached whale stage) sex is more than likely going to be too unpleasant

    Answer by feralxat at 5:49 PM on Jul. 29, 2013

  • Can orgasms trigger premature labor?

    Orgasms can cause uterine contractions, but these contractions are different from the contractions you'll feel during labor. Orgasms — with or without intercourse — aren't likely to increase the risk of premature labor or premature birth.

    Similarly, sex isn't likely to trigger labor even as your due date approaches.

    Are there times when sex should be avoided?

    Although most women can safely have sex throughout pregnancy, sometimes it's best to be cautious.

    Your health care provider might recommend avoiding sex if:

    You have a history of preterm labor or premature birth
    You have unexplained vaginal bleeding
    You're leaking amniotic fluid
    Your cervix begins to open prematurely (cervical incompetence)
    Your placenta partly or completely covers your cervical opening (placenta previa)

    From the mayo clinic :) OB nursing is not my specialty LO

    Answer by midnightmoma at 5:53 PM on Jul. 29, 2013

  • You probably just got your uterus all jazzed up, and now it's settled down. Ask your doc, but more than likely you're fine. I've heard that sex can jump start labor if you are about to go into labor anyway because of prostaglandins in the semen that react with the cervical mucus, but unless your doctor says to abstain, you might as well live it up.

    Answer by Ballad at 6:02 PM on Jul. 29, 2013

  • When you orgasm, your uterus involuntarily contracts, as does the vagina and the rectum. That's all it is.
    If you were supposed to be on pelvic rest, then yes, you could be potentially risking pre-term labor, but if your doc sees no comlications you can O as much as you want.

    Answer by PartyGalAnne at 7:24 PM on Jul. 29, 2013

  • Under certain circumstances yes. Mention it to your doctor and get his ok for peace of mind. For most women it doesn't harm anything.

    Answer by 2autisticsmom at 8:28 PM on Jul. 30, 2013

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