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Where have you ever let your kids peed besides in a toilet.

My son is been peeing in the back yard and I don't care. lol. We have a privacy fence and he knos not to do it anywhere but where I say it's alright. He is 7 and sometimes he even steps out the back door to pee instead of going upstairs. I think it is funny. He has never peed somewhere bad ever. Just in the yard because I said it's okay to go there.

He is so funny though. He asked me the other day if he could peed in the drain in the garage when we got home from the mall. He was having to go super bad and was dancing so I said okay but let me get the door closed first. As soon as that door hit the ground he was going and it was a ton of pee! I told him that was a one time thing.

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:27 PM on Aug. 4, 2013 in General Parenting

Answers (12)
  • Really!! The only time my kids peed anywhere but the toilet was in the woods when we went fishing. In the yard? He need to lear how to hold it and go upstairs. It is not like he is 2,3 yo. He is 7. Old enough to hold it.

    Answer by louise2 at 8:32 PM on Aug. 4, 2013

  • SERIOUSLY! My kids were raised to use the toilet unless they were camping or fishing.
    That's disgusting!

    Answer by PMSMom10 at 8:34 PM on Aug. 4, 2013

  • A few times when my son could not hold in during a car drive, we pulled over so he could on the side of the road. And I remember 2 times he used an empty water bottle in the car.

    But at home when he is outside and has to go, he is old enough to know to come inside to use the bathroom.

    Answer by virginiamama71 at 8:35 PM on Aug. 4, 2013

  • I see why you went ANON!

    Answer by DJDNY at 8:36 PM on Aug. 4, 2013

  • Wait for it......

    Answer by PMSMom10 at 8:37 PM on Aug. 4, 2013

  • Yeah, the only times my kids ever did not use a toilet is when camping. There were also a couple times when they were little, it was the middle of the night and there wasn't a toilet for miles so we pulled over to the side of the road. There are reasons we have toilets.

    Answer by tempsingl3mom at 8:39 PM on Aug. 4, 2013

  • I guess I am the odd one out here. My son peed in the yard when wee had one and I did not really care. I never said not to do it again but I did tell him that it was not okay to be seen while he was peeing. I know he continued to pee in the yard sometimes but it just wasn't that big of a deal to me. ::shrugs:: He has never done it in front of anyone and now that we are in an apt it is not longer an issue I guess.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 8:44 PM on Aug. 4, 2013

  • When my brother was 8 or 9 (maybe 10) he took a piss in the backyard because he didn't want to go back into the house just to wiz. Next thing we know the cops are knocking on the door. The bitchy neighbor accused him of exposing himself to her girls... except he thought he was alone in the back and we had a privacy fence. The little brats were sitting on top if their swingset spying on my brother as he peed.

    Answer by anime_mom619 at 9:26 PM on Aug. 4, 2013

  • I see no reason for anybody to pee outside when there's a working toilet in the house. It's just not a good habit to set up, in my opinion. My daughter squatted on the side of the road once on a long drive when there was nothing around anywhere for miles, but other than that or on a camping trip, I just see no point in it.

    Answer by Ballad at 9:39 PM on Aug. 4, 2013

  • It's all fun and games until he pees on a headstone during a memorial service.

    My sister always let her boys pee outside and it was all cute and funny...until she looked over and he was pissing on a headstone. Not cool at all. My boys walk into the house and pee. You can be labeled a sex offender in my state if you are caught peeing outside. Not worth the risk in my book.

    Answer by SleepingBeautee at 10:39 PM on Aug. 4, 2013

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