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Porn... What do u think? adult content

Im watching "world strictest parents". -- I guess the point I to take out of control teens and place them with really strict parents and at the end of the week they appreciate their own parents more and so on...

Well the strict parents search the sui cases hen the teens arrive (drugs, cigs, whatever!)
One of the boy gOt caught with a porno DVD. The father was so upset he punished the kid with yard work and said to him it is worse then drugs and didn't even want his own wife to look at it that's how vulgar it was. He had the boy pic up a pile of old leaves and dirty piles of wood from the yard and asked the teen why he thinks he was assigned that for punishment..
The teen replied with "because it's disgusting and not something most people want to do"
And the dad said EXACTLY! Just like the porn!

Maybe is hit me but I do t find the porn to be THAT insulting. I mean okay punish hi because it's not something he should be needing to being Ito someone else's home but he is a teenage boy! Do t think all get curious about sex and masterbation? I don't think exploring that is unhealthy, in fact I think punishing him for it is a bit unhealthy. I just feel like te dad could've said.. If you want to watch that stuff at home and in private that's fine but I don't want you bringing it into my house.

What do you think? And do u think he was correct in satin its disgusting and most people don't like it? I always thought majority of people DO masterbate and many many guys need porn to do so lol

Not sure what category to put porn question under so I put it for entertainment haha


Asked by nnh_mama at 2:31 PM on Aug. 16, 2013 in Entertainment

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Answers (3)
  • Are you watching the USversion? The original (UK) is much stricter and has some seriously out of control kids, because they're legal age in the UK - meaning no care giver can be prosecuted for their behavior. The US version is more scripted and they create these scenarios to punish the kids for the show. They tend to avoid real issues because of liability and the need to call CPS on their parents.

    End result is they resort to making up mountains out of molehills, catered to the audience at CMT or GAC or whatever channel it's on - just make sure you look the other way when Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy comes on later.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 3:00 PM on Aug. 16, 2013

  • well, as for shows like that they take seriously opposing types of people and have them do wouldn't be all that entertaining if they were all sorta middle of the road, you know?

    I think porn is really ridiculous and stupid, so I let my kids know that. I have never caught my 17 yr old or my daughter with it, but I know She (almost 20) reads fanfiction...and I know he has seen at least some by now. I have only tried to educate them, and help them know what kinds of things are realistic- vs stuff in movies and such *not necessarily using actual porn as the example, but things they see in movies in general.

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 2:45 PM on Aug. 16, 2013

  • Oh see I don't think it's ridiculous or stupid. I dont watch it but I have seen some years ago.. Just never been one to get into it. I want to teach my kids that although most of the people in those films or magazines don't look like the typical guy/ girl next door and sex isn't totally based on looks. I want them to be curious and explore while being safe and having a good understanding of reality and consequences while also appreciating the love that can be behind it too. But on the flip side i want them to have fun and part of having fun is finding out what you enjoy. Over all I don't want them to ever be ashamed for being into something like that.

    Not panicking: I don't normally watch this show so I didn't even know there was a UK version lol makes sense though

    Comment by nnh_mama (original poster) at 3:17 PM on Aug. 16, 2013