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Im a single parent to my 7 year old daughter, the attitude & temper is the worst, whats the best disicipline?

I feel like because I have been a single parent for the whole 7 years I give in sometimes & I know I shouldn't but I do make her go to her room a lot when she stomps around with an attitude & smart mouth, is this good discipline?

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Asked by Mama_K.77 at 3:35 PM on Aug. 17, 2013 in General Parenting

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  • yup- she wants to be all pissy and have attitude, she can do it in her room. Tell her when she is calm, you will talk to her/ deal with her

    if she is having attitude because you asked her to do something, or she got in trouble...then take things away or ground her

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 3:42 PM on Aug. 17, 2013

  • she does have a laptop that she is always playing games on, & I do take that away & make her stay in her room until she is ready to behave, & thank you!

    Comment by Mama_K.77 (original poster) at 3:42 PM on Aug. 17, 2013

  • Be consistent and reward good behavior.

    Answer by RyansMom001 at 3:55 PM on Aug. 17, 2013

  • my son is not in that age yet, but he will be in a few years and i have a feeling i will be going through this (sigh). anyways as of right now i don't know what really works, but maybe you could try talking to her and explaining her how her attitude is effecting you and even her? you know, like a heart to heart mother daughter talk. tell her you taking away her privileges can be "avoided" if she cooperates with you as well. i am working and studying. plus the kind of life my parents gave me, i was never really used to housework. so now with working, studying AND running house, it made me very frustrated and cranky. i noticed when DS made a little mistake, i would get pretty exasperated and irritated. He started acting like that too. I'm not saying that you do the same, but maybe she's picking up that from someone or somewhere. when i became more laid back, my son also changed and relaxed rather than his old cranky self

    Answer by cookie269 at 4:01 PM on Aug. 17, 2013

  • Chores and taking things away-Make her have to work to earn them back (whatever it may be) chores and a good attitude when doing things gets the things back, and something she wants. No need to give her something with un-grateful tude or heart. Make the chore do-able for her age. ie. Make bed/pickup toys/dirty clothes/empty trash cans (bathroom).. She isn't to old for a reward chart either- so catch her when she is doing something good.. and make sure she knows you see it, don't just fuss or notice the bad.

    Answer by Novmeber2006 at 4:40 PM on Aug. 17, 2013

  • Good discipline is the one that works on her.

    Being a single parent is tough. It is hard being the only one that does any disciplining at all, and you do feel guilty at times and want to give in and let her have her way so you can be the "good guy" now and then. But you have to keep in mind that you're not just giving in to a momentary desire - you're raising a future woman, an adult who will be out there dealing with the rest of the world. And if you give in and let her have her way too often now, you end up raising a selfish, self-centered, ungrateful woman that no one likes and who thinks she should get whatever she wants no matter what. I don't think that's who you want to raise.

    It's fine to give in, but you also have to make sure that you stand firm when it counts. Taking things away is a good start to discipline. Extend the amount of time they're taken for each time you have to do it....

    Answer by wendythewriter at 4:44 PM on Aug. 17, 2013

  • Go from taking it for, say, one day to taking it for two, then three, then a week, then two weeks, and so on until it gets to the point where she finally realizes that it's more trouble than it's worth to give you back talk or whatever else it is she's doing.

    Just don't let the whole single parent thing overwhelm you and make you give in too much. It's hard when you're the only one - you want to be the fun one, you want to make up for Dad not being around, you want five minutes to relax, so many reasons to want to give in and let her have her way. But you can't do that, no matter how tempting it is.

    Answer by wendythewriter at 4:47 PM on Aug. 17, 2013

  • thank you all so much you all made great points, & I will be taking the advise giving ;)

    Comment by Mama_K.77 (original poster) at 5:40 PM on Aug. 17, 2013

  • say it and mean it

    Answer by smiley745 at 8:22 PM on Aug. 22, 2013

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