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Can I homeschool my son if I don't have a college degree?

The forecast for my state has them cutting even MORE from the budget next year. My son's teacher already lost one aide for this year,and has to figure out how to get 3 grades of kids to classes with 2 people. Until someone figures out how to be in 2 places at once,they're screwed. I'll be asking if i can volunteer my time this year.
SOOOO,I'm thinking of possibly pulling him from the school system as of next year,and doing an online program with him.
Due to his autism,he is not anywhere near his peers in school work,so what'd he's be learning would not be out of the realm of what i know.
I was thinking maybe the K12 program?


Asked by butterflyblue19 at 12:06 PM on Aug. 28, 2013 in General Parenting

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Answers (16)
  • Yes you sure can. And you can do very well at it. There are so many resources to help you out in the areas that you feel like you may not be up to par in.

    Check with your state to make absolutely sure but I think you'd be fine.

    Answer by Mrs_Prissy at 12:09 PM on Aug. 28, 2013

  • hoeschooled- that's right!
    they were taught how to use garden utensils :)

    Answer by feralxat at 12:14 PM on Aug. 28, 2013

  • You definitely can! I will warn you that most people bitch about K12, but I know a few that really like it. You have to stick to their schedule which can be a PITA for some people. First thing, check your state laws! Knowing those is the biggest first step. Good luck.

    Answer by kmath at 12:18 PM on Aug. 28, 2013

  • I think there are a few states that require a college degree, but generally speaking, no you don't need one to homeschool. You can go to and find out the exact laws and requirements for your state. I personally am not impressed by the online schools like K12, but the great thing about homeschooling is that you don't have to do what everyone else does - you can do what works for you and your family. :D


    Answer by wendythewriter at 12:37 PM on Aug. 28, 2013

  • I begged DH to look at K12 for our little one (just started Kindergarten) because he's ahead and I was (rightfully) worried about his ability to show growth (it's been a NIGHTMARE thus far). Makes me feel better there are groups for it here on CM. Maybe I can study up on it some more this semester/school year and convince DH that this would be better than him having to review things he learned at three, haha.

    But yes, OP, you can. There are many, many resources, like co-ops and so forth. As long as you're willing to be completely dedicated there shouldn't be any reason why your little one couldn't receive an adequate education at home despite your personal level of education. :)

    Answer by bandgeek521 at 1:47 PM on Aug. 28, 2013

  • Yup you definitely can. I use K12 for my 3rd grader. We've been enrolled through California Virtual Academies since 1st grade now. It's a great program. What I like about using K12 is that it's all laid out for you, you know that it's meeting the minimum state requirements (and generally exceeding it), and that you have a teacher that is there to help you with any issue you might have. You would be considered the Learning Coach. The requirements generally come down to what state you're in. Where we are, it's very laid back and we're not stuck to a tight schedule. We do have our daily list of To Do lessons, but as long as you're showing attendance and making progress over time you're fine. They're not unreasonable in their expectations.

    The K12 group here on CM is a great :)

    Answer by Ginger0104 at 12:32 PM on Aug. 28, 2013

  • I have found that when parents do this... they are often supported by the public school teachers.... the teachers are very aware that the system sucks. MY good friend just did this and all of the teachers offered to help her. Giving her access to the teacher resources, they have offered her curriculum, and even an hour in the classroom on subjects that mom may not be totally up to par on.

    You can do it! I think you would be great :0).


    Answer by amazinggrace83 at 12:41 PM on Aug. 28, 2013

  • Yes you can and there are activities/ opportunities for you to connect with other HS moms so that he gets some socialization.
    I know of moms that pool what they are good at and plan for that subject, like art or biology.

    Answer by Dardenella at 12:51 PM on Aug. 28, 2013

  • If your state laws don't require it, then you are free to homeschool!!!
    In Tennessee, where we are, the law only requires the teaching parent to have a high school or GED diploma.
    I do hope you can find joy in homeschooling like we have! It is so wonderful.
    Just google your state's home schooling laws to find out more.

    Answer by AubreyRed at 1:01 PM on Aug. 28, 2013

  • Of course you can
    Here's a list of groups who may be able to help you work out the pros and cons
    TBH some of the smartest people I know were hoeschooled by people who only had a HS degree


    Answer by feralxat at 12:14 PM on Aug. 28, 2013