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Text of draft legislation submitted by Obama to Congress re: Syria

Whereas, on August 21, 2013, the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus, Syria, killing more than 1,000 innocent Syrians;

Whereas these flagrant actions were in violation of international norms and the laws of war;

Whereas the United States and 188 other countries comprising 98 percent of the world's population are parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention, which prohibits the development, production, acquisition, stockpiling or use of chemical weapons;

Whereas, in the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003, Congress found that Syria's acquisition of weapons of mass destruction threatens the security of the Middle East and the national security interests of the United States;

Whereas the United Nations Security Council, in Resolution 1540 (2004), affirmed that the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons constitutes a threat to international peace and security;

Whereas, the objective of the United States' use of military force in connection with this authorization should be to deter, disrupt, prevent, and degrade the potential for, future uses of chemical weapons or other weapons of mass destruction;

Whereas, the conflict in Syria will only be resolved through a negotiated political settlement, and Congress calls on all parties to the conflict in Syria to participate urgently and constructively in the Geneva process; and

Whereas, unified action by the legislative and executive branches will send a clear signal of American resolve.


(a) Authorization. -- The President is authorized to use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in connection with the use of chemical weapons or other weapons of mass destruction in the conflict in Syria in order to --

(1) prevent or deter the use or proliferation (including the transfer to terrorist groups or other state or non-state actors), within, to or from Syria, of any weapons of mass destruction, including chemical or biological weapons or components of or materials used in such weapons; or

(2) protect the United States and its allies and partners against the threat posed by such weapons.

(b) War Powers Resolution Requirements. --

(1) Specific Statutory Authorization. -- Consistent with section 8(a)(1) of the War Powers Resolution, the Congress declares that this section is intended to constitute specific statutory authorization within the meaning of section 5(b) of the War Powers Resolution.

(2) Applicability of other requirements. -- Nothing in this joint resolution supersedes any requirement of the War Powers Resolution.


Now what?

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Asked by NotPanicking at 9:41 PM on Aug. 31, 2013 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (8)
  • I would like a definition of "allies and partners". Considering we are responding to help the rebels, it would be good to know exactly WHO the rebels really are. JMO.


    Answer by QuinnMae at 9:45 PM on Aug. 31, 2013

  • we pray that people use thier brains and say NOOOOO

    Answer by luvmygrandgirl at 9:45 PM on Aug. 31, 2013

  • while i get the need to slap Syria on the wrists for using chemical weapons, its just not something i feel we should be drawn into...especially since the UN is still working on whither it was a chemical weapon or not. its just not worth the risk

    i wish we'd mind our own damn business for once...i mean we help when we arent wanted and we dont help when we could actually do some good...its just ridiculous.

    Answer by okmanders at 9:50 PM on Aug. 31, 2013

  • This article is making the case that we had the intel and knew about the strike before it happened.


    Answer by QuinnMae at 10:03 PM on Aug. 31, 2013

  • Well, now I suppose Congress will either say yes or no. If the answer is no, the President will try and figure out how to sweet talk or strong-arm the opposition into having a change of heart.

    Answer by Ballad at 10:10 PM on Aug. 31, 2013

  • Sigh... 1000+ people killed will be a tiny amount once the US starts bombing the shit out of them.

    I see so many triple amputees and young men in wheelchairs, ventilators, obvious brain damage when I go to Ft Sam that it just makes me want to throw up to know there will probably be many more.

    And for what? I'm just sick over this.

    Answer by Izsarejman at 10:13 PM on Aug. 31, 2013

  • Now we wait for Congress to come back from their Labor Day weekend, hash out all the bull shit, say no, wait for Obama to come home from the G20 in Russia and give the okay to send missiles into Syria!

    Hasn't this Country seen enough death, spent enough money...
    We can't even budget our Military, cut backs, cut backs, cut backs...

    Answer by KTElite at 10:40 PM on Aug. 31, 2013

  • My oldest son was in the Honor Guard when he was in the Air Force. He said they couldn't keep up with all the burials taking place.
    They would travel by van from town to town, in people's homes, the cemetery, it really depressed him!

    How many more of our men and women are we going to bury?

    Answer by KTElite at 10:44 PM on Aug. 31, 2013

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