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Iowa gives concealed carry permits to blind people, story enclosed.


I can not for the life of me understand why they think this is a good idea. I'm NOT hating but I would be very concerned if I lived there.



Asked by funlovinlady at 8:29 PM on Sep. 8, 2013 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (31)
  • I am all for not discriminating against people with disabilities, whether we're talking blind, deaf, missing a limb or anything else.

    But this does seem a bit over the top. I realize that a blind person's other senses may be heightened, allowing them to still be aware of things even that they can't see. I also realize that a blind person can be just as capable of learning to shoot a gun and hit a target as a sighted person, although obviously it would have to happen in a different way. But I'm not sure this is a good idea. I see the potential for too many negative outcomes. I'm not against the idea of a blind person using a gun to protect and defend themselves in their own home, but I'm not sure it's a good thing in public places where someone could panic, or where a missed shot could result in injury or death to someone that had nothing to do with the situation other than simply being in the same location.

    Answer by wendythewriter at 8:37 AM on Sep. 9, 2013

  • WTF!!!! Not only are you supposed to KNOW without a doubt where your target is, but you are supposed KNOW without a doubt what is beyond your target. This is just friggen asinine!!

    Answer by Crafty26 at 8:37 PM on Sep. 8, 2013

  • Yeah, this is a very bad idea.

    Answer by kmath at 8:37 PM on Sep. 8, 2013

  • Just because one has the right to do something doesn't mean one IS right in doing so.

    I'm a firm promoter of the 2nd amendment. Our founding fathers understood how critical it was for individual citizens to own and bear arms. But, there is a need for practicality here. If the shooter can't see who he is shooting at, he is a danger to others (by missing his intended target) and to himself (by risking being disarmed and having his weapon used against him).

    I'm sorry, but if one is disabled, one must be realistic about what one can and cannot do. And I say this as one who functions with limited abilities.

    Answer by May-20 at 9:28 PM on Sep. 8, 2013

  • I am concerned about the ones who can see and keep missing their target.

    Answer by virginiamama71 at 9:32 PM on Sep. 8, 2013

  • It is possible girls...Hard to believe, but here is a video about a blinf man who has has 80% accuracy rate when shooting at a gun range.

    No doubt!! What worries me is the accuracy outside the shooting range!!! Again I repeat.... are you supposed to KNOW without a doubt where your target is, but you are supposed KNOW without a doubt what is beyond your target. Just because you can't see stuff doesn't mean it's not there. At a range this makes sense... anywhere else... no. What if they drew on an assailant, missed or the bullet goes thru and hit a kid? What if it was your kid. Doesn't sound like such a good idea now does it.


    Answer by Crafty26 at 10:27 PM on Sep. 8, 2013

  • This is something I have a real hard time supporting but on that note a visually impaired individual is more in tune with smell, sound and the space around them than most visual individuals.
    Would I be comfortable with this law, only if they were trained to lock and load...I can't imagine the blind going out in public with a gun but I could if it were in their own home.

    Answer by KTElite at 8:39 PM on Sep. 8, 2013

  • I am glad I don't live in Iowa!

    Answer by DJDNY at 8:39 PM on Sep. 8, 2013

  • I am on the fence on this one. I know that people who have disabilities such as being blind or visual impaired are more susceptible to being targets of crime and violence. I have always heard that if you don't have one of your senses, your body adapts by making your other senses more heightened. I can see where a visually impaired person who still can make out shapes and is being mugged in an alley or empty dark parking lot could benefit from having and using a concealed weapon. I just hope that they are getting the training that they need in order to know how to operate and use a gun.


    Answer by JeremysMom at 8:41 PM on Sep. 8, 2013

  • I am glad I dont live in Iowa as well, I am sorry but I think unintended accidents could happen and how bad would that person feel if they shot someone who wasnt there to harm them. I know a person SHOULD say HEY and announce but I am completely not sure this is the best idea.

    Answer by luvmygrandgirl at 8:50 PM on Sep. 8, 2013