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Okay, I just had to post this ...

Dairy Queen worker confronts woman who takes $20 bill dropped by blind man - NY Daily News

By Doyle Murphy

A Dairy Queen worker has been hailed a hero after he challenged a woman for stealing $20 from a blind man who'd accidentally dropped it on the floor.

The 19-year-old Joey Prusak told the Daily News the woman, in her 50s or 60s, swept in behind the man as he fumbled with his wallet in the Hopkins, Minn. store.

"Before I could say anything, she picked it," Prusak said.

He thought she'd give the money back, but she stuffed it in her purse instead.

"I was kind of in shock," Prusak said. "I was apalled by the situation."

Prusak told her to return the money, but she boldly pretended she had just dropped it.

"She looked at me and said, 'That's my money,'" Prusak said.

The moral Minnesotan explained he'd seen everything, but she only argued louder.

"I finally told her, 'Ma'am, I'm going to ask you one more time to return the money or leave the store,'" he said.

Unbelievably, she still refused.

"Then I'm going to have to ask you to leave, because I'm not going to serve someone as disrespectful as you," Prusak said.

She left, but not before unleashing a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse on the teen.


"She had some choice words to say the least," he said.


Prusak watched her go, and then went to sit down with the blind man. He explained everything and handed him $20 from his own pocket.


The customer thanked him over and over before Prusak returned to work.

His staggering kindness came to light after another customer who watched the incident unfurl wrote to the store to praise his actions.

The email was printed out and stuck up on the store's wall before being photographed by another customer who posted it online where it eventually hit Reddit.

"I was in shock by the generosity that your employee had," read the note.

"(...) Taking his own money out of his own wallet to give to the customer because some other lady decided to steal something that wasn't hers," it added.


Asked by Ballad at 11:41 PM on Sep. 19, 2013 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (8)
  • Saw this on Facebook earlier.

    I would be incredibly proud of him if that were my son. He did the right thing, even if the other adult in this story wasn't capable of determining right from wrong.

    Answer by Ginger0104 at 11:57 PM on Sep. 19, 2013


     ^^Clicky - It just shows what great character this young man has & what a lack of morals that greedy witch had. Good trumps evil every time. Glad this story is getting the attention it deserves. We need to hear more stories like this one. They're out there. Thanks for sharing.


    Answer by mrsmom110 at 8:34 AM on Sep. 20, 2013

  • What a great story! For every bad there is always good-somewhere.

    Answer by sahmamax2 at 7:24 AM on Sep. 20, 2013

  • I actually thought that by the time I finished this great inspiring story, that his employer fired him. I am so glad they didn't!! Definitely restored my faith in people. TY OP!

    Answer by Michigan-Mom74 at 1:32 AM on Sep. 20, 2013

  • What a great kid!!

    Answer by 29again at 12:39 AM on Sep. 20, 2013

  • We hear a lot of awful things that go on in the world, and a lot of griping about teenagers. I probably wouldn't have taken the money from the Dairy Queen employee if it were me, but stories like this restore my faith in the decency of people.

    Comment by Ballad (original poster) at 12:09 AM on Sep. 20, 2013

  • Sadly, honesty like that rarely makes the news. Great story though.

    Answer by QuinnMae at 11:48 PM on Sep. 19, 2013

  • some people just suck...good for him for what he did

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 11:46 PM on Sep. 19, 2013