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WHAT are the SIGNS of potty training readiness. NOT how you did it.

tymm is taking his clothes of to get at that diaper! if he is not ready to be trained, why in the world would he take his dirty diaper off and hand it to me?

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Asked by tabytha at 9:38 AM on Feb. 19, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • He could be ready. My daughter, around 17 months started undressing herself, but because she liked being naked. Not because she was ready. I thought she was so we got a potty, etc, but she wasn't interested. She just liked being naked. So we just waited and about a month ago (she's 25 months now) she definitely got interested. She takes her diaper off when it's even the slightest amount wet, and takes off her poopy diapers, etc. She even peed in the potty a few days ago. So now we definitely know she is ready!

    Answer by celticreverie at 9:41 AM on Feb. 19, 2009

  • I would say that he is definitely ready! That's what my daughter does! She is potty training and she will take her diaper off or she'll come up to me and tell me that she is wet and has to go potty. Other signs of being ready are probably them being interested when other people use the potty. My daughter always claps and says good job to anyone that comes out of the bathroom! Haha.

    Answer by sugaree at 9:41 AM on Feb. 19, 2009

  • That is a good sign to stick him on the toilet. I always said when a kids is old enough to go get his own diaper to be changed, it time to potty train.

    Answer by louise2 at 9:46 AM on Feb. 19, 2009

  • tymm is 15 m. and not a spoken word yet. how do we work around that?


    Answer by tabytha at 9:54 AM on Feb. 19, 2009

  • I know that is one sign. There are so many signs but you have to go off your judgement and if he wants to set on the potty. My son and I are working on potty training.
    Some of the signs are
    -Waking up dry after a nap or bed time
    - taking diaper off
    - hiding (is he running off when he goes to the bathroom in his diaper)
    Those are a few signs that so that he might be ready. Remember it may be a long process I am seeing that with my 3 yr old. We have been working forever it seems but I am going at his pace. Girls are eaiser to potty train for some reason. Just start working with him ask him if he needs to go potty every 15-20 mins. Tell him he is a big boy. That helps a lot. :) I hope this helps a little for ya.

    Answer by ChannaRamma at 10:25 AM on Feb. 19, 2009

  • about tymm not speaking- it isn't a big thing. he probably has grasped the knowledge of words and understands, but just doesn't want to show it yet. children start speaking at all different ages. as long as you get the occasional baby babble, i wouldn't think it is a health issue. who knows, maybe you will catch him talking to a teddy bear when u rent around like with my daugghter!

    Answer by earthymomma103 at 11:06 AM on Feb. 19, 2009

  • Not liking a dirty diaper is a minor sign. Think about it. A brand new baby doesn't like sitting in a poopy diaper either but he can only scream about it, not take it off himself.
    Staying dry for 2 or more hours at a time is a sign. Staying dry overnight is not. Think about it. 20% of all 5 year olds wet the bed. Should they still be wearing diapaers in the day? Of course not.
    Other signs:
    You can tell when your child is about to go. This may be a funny look on the face, a funny posture, or hiding.
    Your child:
    -can follow simple 2-step directions... go to your room and bring me your toy car
    -can communicate basic needs, with words or gestures
    -poops at predictable times
    -can pull off simple elastic waist pants
    -loves to watch others use the potty
    -is in a "ME DO!" phase and you let him try
    -will sit still for a short story
    You have no major household disruptions planned in the next 2 months

    Answer by kaycee14 at 11:49 AM on Feb. 19, 2009

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