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Do you think a 7 year old can know that he's gay?

Would you go around telling people that your 7 year old is gay?

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:23 PM on Sep. 25, 2013 in Politics & Current Events

Answers (28)
  • I think that it's very possible that a seven year old could have a feeling about his sexual orientation. I have known people that said that even as young as 5 or so they knew they liked the same sex but I certainly wouldn't go around saying anything to anyone about it. I think that until they have hit puberty and gone through all the awkward phases and had a chance to "find themselves" then it's too early to say straight or gay for anyone.

    Answer by collegexmamix28 at 12:29 PM on Sep. 25, 2013

  • go* not gone

    Answer by collegexmamix28 at 12:30 PM on Sep. 25, 2013

  • I wouldn't go around discussing my child's sexual orientation whether s/he was 7 or 27 ...

    Answer by goldpandora at 12:38 PM on Sep. 25, 2013

  • I agree that they may find themselves feeling they are attracted to the same sex but at 7 they have not hit puberty and may have other feelings later.

    Would I tell the world my 7 year old was gay? Not at that age unless he/she was insistant they were not based on "mom I think I might be gay".

    I would certianly say that while they may have an attraction to the same sex, they are too young to know exactly how they feel but if they continue to mature and feel the same, that I support thier feelings and will stand with adn beside them through it all.

    Answer by luvmygrandgirl at 12:40 PM on Sep. 25, 2013

  • i think they might be old enough to feel attraction, but i wouldnt go around announcing my child's sexual orientation. my oldest is 6 and thinks justin bieber and harry stiles are cute, and she also told me she loves her best friend bree but not as a girlfriend (her words). i dont go around telling everyone my child is straight.

    Answer by tnm786 at 12:49 PM on Sep. 25, 2013

  • My brother has said he knew he was gay from his preschool years. He didn't have words to express how he felt, but he knew something was different about him. That being said, I wouldn't go around talking about my child's sexuality in general, and I wouldn't get him labeled at sucha yung age with something like homosexuality that still has a stigma attached to it. Besides, things can change. I dealt with a teenager once who was convinced that he was gay, even if he'd never been with a man. It finally came out that he thought he was gay because he'd been inappropriately touched by an older boy at a park, and his penis had responded naturally to being exposed and stimulated. He thought that meant he must have enjoyed the experience, and that he must like men. Wen he was told that it was just a normal physical response that meant nothing, he dropped the gay idea. So there's a lot kids don't yet understand,more so at seven.

    Answer by Ballad at 12:49 PM on Sep. 25, 2013

  • Yes they can know. They may just not fully understand it yet though. My sister knew at a very young age.
    I wouldn't discuss my kids sexual life or preference with too many people.

    Answer by sahmamax2 at 12:50 PM on Sep. 25, 2013

  • I think they may know, but for a parent to tell others? Not okay... *unless it's your husband or something and discussed IN your home- not like telling the world

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 12:54 PM on Sep. 25, 2013

  • I think they know what/who they are attracted to, but don't really have a concept of sexuality yet.
    Parents don't need to make a big deal out of it or "coach" him in any way.

    Answer by PartyGalAnne at 1:02 PM on Sep. 25, 2013

  • Regardless of my child's age, it's not my place to discuss their orientation with anyone. If they came to me with concerns, and I felt I needed input or guidance from someone else, I might discuss it with my parents or a therapist (if there was a better relationship between all of us, their father as well), but beyond that, I would talk to anyone about it without my child's okay. While I do think it's possible that he/she could know at age 7, I don't feel they're old enough to fully understand what it means to have others know about it and therefore would especially limit who I spoke to about it, to prevent my child from being emotionally hurt (or maybe even physically) by people he cares about before he's old enough to fully understand why it's happening.

    Answer by wendythewriter at 1:04 PM on Sep. 25, 2013

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