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Should parents send their child to preschool? Is it now necessary?

Wow there is so much a child needs to know in kindergarten! I joke and say kindergarten now is what first grade was to me when I was in school. I often here parents say they don't need to send their child to preschool, it's not required, they can teach their child at home. I believe some of those parents could do a good job. Most...not so much. It has nothing to do with the parents being uneducated, very intelligent people. Just not good teacher material. Do you think, given the current times we live, preschool should not be an option but a requirement?

I have mixed feelings because I like Finland's model where children do not formally attend school until seven years of age. And they have one of the best school systems in the world. But given our current system I do think formal preschool is pretty important.


Asked by Anonymous at 8:17 AM on Oct. 10, 2013 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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Answers (18)
  • I sent both of my kids to preschools affiliated with their school districts. My son, the oldest, went to a teaching preschool that also taught high school students how to become preschool teachers. It was $25/mo. He went because he needed the socialization.

    My daughter went to an ECEAP preschool that was free for us. SHE went so she'd have something to do that didn't involve ME. She was 2 1/2 when her brother started kindergarten, and had been wanting to go to school ever since. ECEAP gave her that.

    Answer by Rosehawk at 12:51 PM on Oct. 10, 2013

  • I live in France. Formal school starts at age 6 but children have "Γ©cole maternelle" from age 3 upwards (and if there are enough free places they will accept nearly 3s). Virtually 100% of all children go. The main emphasis is on socialization of the child, learning to work with others, learning to ask questions, to help others, to share, etc. However, they do learn a lot besides (reading, writing, counting, nature studies, and so on). It makes going to school later on so much less traumatic.

    It's not obligatory and it's free ...

    Answer by goldpandora at 8:53 AM on Oct. 10, 2013

  • I prefer less legislation instead of more. There are programs (headstart?) if children need extra help before kindergarten. Many parents both work these days, and many of these already send their children to child care which allows the child to learn how to be around other children, and even preschools. So although some children could benefit, I'd rather not see it legislated.

    Answer by Bmat at 8:28 AM on Oct. 10, 2013

  • I really am jealous of some of the European models of services for families

    Could you not 'adopt' those models yourself? Or are you talking more of public services that are offered?

    Answer by mommy_jules at 9:52 AM on Oct. 10, 2013

  • Hell no it shouldn't be required. Kids don't need school to socialize and as long as a parent is actually willing to work with their child they can learn just fine at home. PreK can be expensive and not everyone can afford it, so if they are going to require it, it had better be free. Also, a lot of parents don't want to send their kids away for that many hours at a time at that age, and they shouldn't have to. Actually, if you looked up compulsory attendance laws in most states, the min age is usually 6 (not all some are 5 and some are even as old as 8). So for some kids K isn't even required.

    Answer by kmath at 10:25 AM on Oct. 10, 2013

  • I sent al of my kids to private preschool 1/2 days starting at 3. I think it's important - to learn how a classroom works, to learn from someone other than mom, etc. but I have mixed feelings about it being mandatory. I know that my kids have been ahead of the game when they started kindergarten and I liked that, but some parents just don't feel that is important and that's their choice. And I definitely don't think the federal government and/or most states have the money to fund a preschool program.

    Answer by missanc at 8:46 AM on Oct. 10, 2013

  • I think it is important for both parent and or parent gets a break, and children learn away from is a win win....

    Answer by older at 9:28 AM on Oct. 10, 2013

  • No, creches are something quite different. They take children under the age of 3, they are sometimes run by parents, sometimes by town councils, sometimes are privately owned. They are paying and there really are not enough places for the demand there is. I was lucky enough to be able to find places in our local one for my twins and have absolutely no regrets. The personnel was attentive and helpful and full of good advice. They also did some really interesting things with the children.

    Answer by goldpandora at 10:05 AM on Oct. 10, 2013

  • I sent my daughter to preschool, mosty so she could learn to interact socially with other kids because she doesn't have siblings her own age. But I don't like the idea of laws making preschool mandatory.

    Answer by Ballad at 12:00 PM on Oct. 10, 2013

  • The main emphasis is on socialization of the child, learning to work with others, learning to ask questions, to help others, to share, etc.

    I think that is one of the biggest benefits of preschool. And no, I don't think it should be a requirement.

    Answer by mommy_jules at 9:03 AM on Oct. 10, 2013