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Is lockdown an overreaction?


IT guy leaves his gun in the faculty restroom (not one students can use).  Keep in mind this is in IL, with some of the most draconian gun laws in the country.  Someone finds it, school is immediately put on lockdown.  They review surveillance, figure out who left it there, and that he's not even in the building anymore, having gone on to his next assignment.

He's in custody now, and of course it's stupid that he left a gun in the bathroom, but was it worth panicking the entire town when all they had to do was review video footage to see who was the last one in there?  For the approx 2 hrs between the lockdown order and the police issuing a statement, rumors were rampant that it was a meth bust, armed student, etc etc.  Parents were jamming the school switchboard demanding to know what was going on.  (I was following along on fb, this is one of the schools where I'm from)

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Asked by NotPanicking at 3:49 PM on Oct. 30, 2013 in Politics & Current Events

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  • No I don't think it was, not will all of the school shootings we have had, theater shootings, mall shootings and just plain bat shit crazies out there.
    Say they took the time to check surveillance an it that time the guy shot up the school? Then it would be why the eff did they bother checking surveillance before locking the place down.

    Answer by cassie_kellison at 4:07 PM on Oct. 30, 2013

  • But they can see surveillance in real time, nobody weird in the halls, nothing abnormal going on. If it was someone already in a classroom, lockdown or not wouldn't make a difference.

    Comment by NotPanicking (original poster) at 4:14 PM on Oct. 30, 2013

  • It may seem like an overreaction in hindsight, but at the time, there was an unclaimed weapon with the owner nowhere to be found. Once identified on surveillance, they'd have to see if he was even approved to carry at this school (apparently not), and where he went.

    It probably won't be long before a staff member ends up shooting up a school, causing a whole new wave of panic in the public.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:17 PM on Oct. 30, 2013

  • Oops, didn't mean to go anon.

    Answer by anng.atlanta at 4:17 PM on Oct. 30, 2013

  • It may have been an overreaction, and I feel for those distraught parents jamming up the switchboard. Two hours can seem like forever when someone you love might be in danger and you can't get information. But like Cassie said, it's a no-win situation for the ones in charge. If they had chosen some other course of action, people would be asking why they hadn't put the school on lockdown.

    Answer by Ballad at 4:18 PM on Oct. 30, 2013

  • LOL I answered the wrong question!!!!!
    Yes to your present one, I need to lay off the tea.

    Answer by 2kids2dogs2cats at 4:22 PM on Oct. 30, 2013

  • CYA. It seems that it's common to hear *may not be acting alone* in preliminary reporting of events like this. They are probably operating under the better safe than sorry theory.


    Answer by QuinnMae at 4:36 PM on Oct. 30, 2013

  • id rather have scared kids and panicking parents for 2 hours than dead kids and grieving parents asking why more wasnt done. then they'd sue the school for not having followed procedures and there goes tax money.

    the problem is the IT guy who left the gun in the restroom, not the way it was handled. he caused the problem, he's the one to blame, the school's admins probably just followed school procedures. add to that the recent tragedies and you've got a lot of ppl thinking "better safe than sorry".

    Answer by okmanders at 4:49 PM on Oct. 30, 2013

  • No, they did the right thing. It stinks that everyone got worried, but there was a gun laying unattended in the school. Definately lockdown first, and review footage, etc. second. If there had been an intruder, those precious minutes spent reviewing footage could save lives. I bet if you asked this of anyone who has been in a school shooting situation they would likely say the same.

    Answer by tessiedawg at 5:10 PM on Oct. 30, 2013

  • I thought it was when my kids' schools went into lockdown the first day but it turned out a 19 year old had shot and killed his parents and was loose in that neighborhood. My son was scared because he thought there was a guy in the school shooting people :(

    Answer by Izsarejman at 5:25 PM on Oct. 30, 2013

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