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At my wits end with potty training! adult content

My DS will be 3 after Christmas, and we've been trying to potty train him since the summer. He's only recently (in the last 2 months) learned to pee on the toilet or potty, he'll only do it standing up, but he will not do his poo in the toilet or potty, the only time we've managed to get it in the potty is literally when we've caught it as he's doing it. He refuses to sit on the potty or toilet. We've even bought him a Mickey Mouse seat for the toilet but he will not sit on it. He just screams the place down. He'll do his poos in his pants and I'm getting sick and tired if having to throw out soiled clothes and try scraping poo from them. He has a toilet chart which we've now decided is a 'poo only' chart, but the chart is empty now as he wont poo anywhere apart fro his pants. Please help! I feel like crying! Is restricting him from starting pre school and I don't want him going back to diapers as we've come so far with him peeing in the toilet properly. He'll tell us the second he's poo'd so I think he's fully aware of what he's doing.


Asked by Anonymous at 9:07 AM on Nov. 1, 2013 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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Answers (11)
  • A lot of kids don't like pooping in the toilet, for some reason, it scares them

    *Make sure he has plenty of fiber and water in his diet. If he's constipated, it will only make things worse.
    *If he's sitting on the toilet (as opposed to the potty), give him a stool to rest his feet on. It makes it easier to push the poop out.
    *Have him sit on the potty/toilet after meals, when he is more likely to poop. He might just go in spite of himself -- and see that it's not so bad!
    *Give him lots of kudos for any effort, even if it doesn't produce anything.
    *Read kids books about going to the potty, which is a non-threatening way to talk about the subject. Spend some time in the library or bookstore together to find the ones most likely to appeal to him.


    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 9:24 AM on Nov. 1, 2013

  • If he's getting upset, back off; otherwise, he'll start holding his poop in. That will create a vicious cycle: His stool will become bigger and harder and more painful to get out, and that, in turn, will make him more reluctant to move his bowels on the potty. Keep reading the potty books, and try again in a month or so. If nothing is working, or if his stools are very hard, call your doctor for advice.

    from here:


    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 9:25 AM on Nov. 1, 2013

  • I think he isn't ready, it isn't unusual esp for boys to not be trained until after 3, will he pee in a diaper, or will he still let you know he has to do #1? You can't force him to sit, and it could cause issues with him if you do.

    Answer by 2kids2dogs2cats at 9:14 AM on Nov. 1, 2013

  • Many times a child is physically ready, but not emotionally ready.  It's best to back off and take all the pressure away.  Going back to diapers would not be such a bad thing for awhile.


    Answer by silverthreads at 9:30 AM on Nov. 1, 2013

  • I had a late trainer. It's frustrating as hell. I am embarrassed about the amount of money I spent on toilet training paraphernalia, all for nothing. All I learned is that he will do it when he is ready.


    Answer by QuinnMae at 9:57 AM on Nov. 1, 2013

  • My son had an issue with pooping in the toilet. We had a talk one day after dinner and I found out we had a monster in the toilet that liked to get him when he pooped. (Okay, not really, just the water splashing up as the poop hit the water) So, I set up a step for him and allowed him to squat on the seat to poop. We never had another poopy set of clothes.

    TALK with your child, see what's bothering him about pooping.

    Answer by Rosehawk at 11:43 AM on Nov. 1, 2013

  • I've had 5 boys. The youngest boy is 25 months. My older 4 all were 3 when they began potty training (other than some introductory work like before baths or sitting on little potty while mom is on big potty) and it only took a few months for them to be completely finished. All kids are different. They do have to be physically and mentally ready.

    Answer by HHx5 at 2:07 PM on Nov. 2, 2013

  • Don't keep trying right now. Give it 6 months and then try again. I think I'd also have him responsible for some of the cleaning up, just as a gentle incentive.

    Answer by Bmat at 9:21 AM on Nov. 1, 2013

  • charlotsomtimes

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 9:26 AM on Nov. 1, 2013

  • Mine were over 4 when they got it.

    Answer by Izsarejman at 10:22 AM on Nov. 1, 2013