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Why home school

I live in Columbus Ohio and at my local rec center I see home school kids on a weekly basis and what a waist of time....I mean really. It's just a big party and shows lack of disipline. Kids running and eating every where, mothers can't find their kids half the time cause they are busy chatting, breast feed or stuffing their faces.
Home shcooling shows me laziness, no respect for deadlines. it's easier to lay in bed, get up when you want. Those poor kids don't have a chance. They are socially screwed and the world will be a rude awaking to them when they have to get out into it. Thank God they have to pay for this??? educational system???? themselves. Just flush the money down the toilet people.

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Asked by misreality at 4:52 PM on Nov. 6, 2013 in General Parenting

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  • , no respect for deadlines

    Since when do rec centers institute deadlines and what are these deadlines for?  How do you know they are lazy?  Maybe they did their school work before you got up in the morning.  Or maybe they work on it a little later when the kids are alert and have had a little exercise.  Is education a one size fits all thing in your opinion?  

    BTW, more and more ivy leagues are accepting home schooled children.  Many of them place higher on SAT's than kids that have been brought up in the public school system.


    Answer by QuinnMae at 4:57 PM on Nov. 6, 2013

  • Well, you can't judge if you haven't done it, but it would be waste, not waist, so probably a good idea if you don't.
    Everyone in America has the freedom and rights to raise their kids the way they best see fit, will some fall through the cracks>for sure.It happens in regular school as well, I think you should perhaps be less judgemental, and more focused on what your own children are doing school wise.
    This is like a breast feeding argument there isn't a winner, and your judgemental nature doesn't fly in my book, just sayin'!
    Probably not the best foot forward for your first question, or do I mean statement?

    Answer by 2kids2dogs2cats at 5:12 PM on Nov. 6, 2013

  • Well, thanks so much for disregarding my kids futures before they even get to them. We'll see if your tune changes when you're looking for work and you're applying at my kid's business.

    You don't have the first f**king clue what you're talking about. You want to talk about an educational system that is a waste (and that's the correct spelling, btw) of time, take a look at public schools. And socially screwed? When is the last time you were in a room with nothing but people your own age, or had to ask for a pass to go to the bathroom, or had to line up to go to lunch.

    Take your self-righteous ass somewhere else, and kiss mine while you're at it. There is NOTHING lazy about homeschooling, and if you really think there is, then I dare you to get off your ass and try it. I promise you - one week and you'll be kissing the feet of the public school teachers that save you from taking responsibility for your kids education.

    Answer by wendythewriter at 5:28 PM on Nov. 6, 2013

  • I knew a kid when I was a teen that was home schooled all his life. At 15 he had graduated high school and was in college. His parents did a phenomenal job teaching him academics. However, he had ZERO social skills. Jokes and things that kindergartners catch on to easily, flew miles above this kids head.

    While I don't agree with the reasons for MOST parents that home school, there are a few that have done the research and planning needed to be really good at home schooling.

    Your argument is inflammatory and not helpful.

    Answer by Rosehawk at 5:29 PM on Nov. 6, 2013

  • I have a family member who went to public school, has a high school diploma, and can't read or fill out an employment application on their own.

    On the other hand, my youngest son started college at 15, is an 'A' student in school, wants to be a lawyer....and was homeschooled.

    I'm not sure what your rec department has to do with it, but yes, there are lazy homeschoolers and their children slip through the cracks, just as there are kids who slip through the cracks in public schools. However you choose to educate your children, parents are the key to making sure their kids get the education they are entitled to, parents have to be involved either way.

    I know plenty of homeschoolers who have gone to, or are attending college. Most homeschoolers that I know don't have social problems. They are used to interacting with people of all ages. Conventional school is the only time in your life where you are in a false environment cont.

    Answer by ohwrite at 5:30 PM on Nov. 6, 2013

  • cont. from above:

    interacting only with kids your own age, and from your own neighborhoods. In real life you interact with people of all ages and often many backgrounds.

    Parents do have to keep their kids involved in activities, but that is the easiest part of homeschooling.

    My kids have gone to private school, public school, and the younger 2 have been homeschooled. There are advantages and disadvantages of each. The bottom line is, however you choose to educate your must be involved.

    Answer by ohwrite at 5:33 PM on Nov. 6, 2013

  • You know... I am not a homeschooler, nor could I be... it's not my thing... but I would never disrespect those who choose to go that route. You are ignorant... plain and simple. Just like religion, etc, you can not judge an entire population on the actions of so few!!

    Answer by Crafty26 at 5:37 PM on Nov. 6, 2013

  • My special favorite is judgmental assholes who call other people stupid, yet can't even spell their own posts correctly.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 5:37 PM on Nov. 6, 2013

  • And FWIW, there are many programs that are set up for home schooled kids to socialize.

    I agree with the others that homeschooling is definitely not for you.

    Answer by QuinnMae at 5:40 PM on Nov. 6, 2013

  • OP, when you learn how to spell properly, and to make a clear, concise statement to support your argument, then I will think about taking you seriously. As of right now, I just think you're full of shit.

    Answer by anime_mom619 at 6:13 PM on Nov. 6, 2013

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