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Implantation bleeding, week late on period, then I started what I think could have been my period? Anyone else have any experience?

Hi guys- have very little experience with pregnancies as I'm only 22. (Don't worry, my fìancé and I have been together 6 years, but I know I'm still young) anyway,I've been off nuvaring for about a year now and am having my first 'scare'since. Two day after we did the dirty, I had what seems to be being described as implantation bleeding. I was a bit over a week late for my period when I started what I think was my period; about 5 days of a steady, not overly heavy flow. I took a home test at three days late and it was negative but was very sensitive to certain scents and some even caused nausea and vomiting- other times I was vomiting with nothing inducing it, just randomly. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this or any thoughts on if I could be pregnant or if I possibly had a very early miscarriage. Any thoughts will help- I'm just curious and would like some insight from someone. Thanks!

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Asked by Misalys714 at 12:50 AM on Nov. 14, 2013 in Pregnancy

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  • You would probably still have enough HcG to register positive on a test if you were having a miscarriage. You might have come down with something else that was making you feel sick at the time. If you keep having symptoms and you miss a period again, test again.

    Answer by QuinnMae at 9:52 AM on Nov. 14, 2013

  • IMO
    Implantation bleed does not happen two days in
    Sounds like you had a normal period
    And a negative test result
    Does not sound at all like miscarriage
    And unless you have had more up protective sexsince period and late again, no reason to think pregnant now

    Barfing? Flu or other illness
    If still thinking pregnant, nothing lost with taking another pee test

    Answer by fiatpax at 10:03 AM on Nov. 14, 2013

  • The bleeding didn't happen two days after my missed period.It happened two weeks after conception for me.And even with a miscarriage you will have what's know as "HCG" or human chorionic gonadotropin in your system.Its a hormone.That's how pregnancy tests and blood tests detect pregnancy.Not by the quantity but if you are producing more than the average female.In about 85% of normal pregnancies,the hcg level will increase every two or three days. An hCG level of less than 5mIU/ml is considered negative for pregnancy, and anything above 25mIU/ml is considered positive for pregnancy.The hCG hormone is measured in milli-international units per milliliter (mIU/ml).A transvaginal ultrasound should be able to show at least a gestational sac once the hCG levels have reached between 1,000 – 2,000mIU/ml. levels can differentiate so much and conception dating can be wrong.If you are a week late(3 weeks from last m/p) equals 0-5MIU.

    Answer by CrownedPrincess at 11:03 AM on Nov. 14, 2013

  • The egg would not be implanting after only two days. Possible you had a very early miscarriage or just a late cycle. I wouldn't worry too much about it now. Follow up with your doctor if you are concerned.

    Answer by 2autisticsmom at 7:53 PM on Nov. 14, 2013

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