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Deep breath and count to ten! The mother has been at it again.

Mother dearest has been on my case about potty training yet again. DS still wears a diaper to bed because he'll wake up dirty most mornings. DS is going to be 3 after Christmas, and his paediatrician said that this is fine, she agreed with me that keeping him in a diaper at night made sense as he's obviously not waking up when he needs the toilet, he'll just do it in his sleep. My mother thinks that myself and the paediatrician are wrong, and insists I should stop putting diapers on him in the night, so that when he's wet or dirty he'll wake up and learn from it. Sorry but I'm not doing this as I think he'll get very distressed if he wakes up covered in poo and pee! She also said that I should start waking him in the middle of the night and make him use the toilet before putting him back to bed. WHAT?! No fricken way! Am I wrong for thinking she's crazy?! I appreciate she's trying to help but I definitely don't agree with her. I managed to keep calm with her this evening too, go me!!


Asked by kylie_bob at 4:04 PM on Dec. 16, 2013 in General Parenting

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Answers (18)
  • You just need to smile, nod and parent your child the way you want to.

    Back in the olden days, when your mom was raising kids, that WAS what they told us to do. Wake the kids up, take them to the potty. Basically, we did a great job training ourselves and interrupting the sleep cycles of millions of kids. Night training takes a while and your son isn't even three yet. I think you're doing everything right

    Answer by Brawn at 4:08 PM on Dec. 16, 2013

  • My youngest is 29 years old. She was day potty trained before 2 years old. But I could not get her night trained to save my life. She is a hard sleeper. And wet the bed tell she was 5 or 6 years old. Back then they did not have diapers big enough for kids that age. So I put up with changing sheets and bathing every morning.
    Leave him in the night diapers. Tell he is ready. My youngest brother wet the bed tell he was 6 or 7. One of my uncles did too.

    Answer by louise2 at 4:38 PM on Dec. 16, 2013

  • "Thanks mom, but you've raised your child. This is MY child and I happen to agree with the licensed medical professional. So please keep your opinions to yourself unless it was specifically asked for."

    Answer by 2autisticsmom at 6:38 PM on Dec. 16, 2013

  • Moms & Grandmas like to feel useful & give their mothering advice. Even if it isn't asked for or what we would do. I agree with just giving her a nod & a smile & then changing the subject. What I wouldn't do to hear my G-ma tell the story of how she helped potty-trained me, just one more time.

    Answer by mrsmom110 at 7:18 PM on Dec. 16, 2013

  • Ignore the idiot and keep doing what you're doing!

    Answer by Ballad at 4:17 PM on Dec. 16, 2013

  • Dont let mom get ya down.. A lot of parenting techniques have changed since she raised you...having a kid not fully trained at the age of three is no big deal. Just tell her it's best to agree to disagree on this one, and move on. I wonder why it matters so much to her when she isn't the one changing him... I mean, I have no idea when my grandsons poop... and don't really care since Im not the one cleaning poopy bottoms!!!! LOL

    Answer by Nimue930 at 4:36 PM on Dec. 16, 2013

  • There is some truth to training the brain. The key is to wake them up at the time they wet and then take them directly to the bathroom. Get them awake. It trains the brain to notice when they have to go they need to wake up. But most doctors do not think this is odd until after preschool. He has some time. So you both are right.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:16 PM on Dec. 16, 2013

  • We did an alarm that is designed for bed wetting and saw a specialist at four. But I also see young kids for similar issues and am familiar with the brain. Not every parent goes in right away.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:18 PM on Dec. 16, 2013

  • Now are you not glad you are going to MIL's for Christmas? LOL
    Give it a rest mother, yes we know you beat, bribed and all of her kids were potty trained by 6 months, LOL
    you say this,
    You know what the great things about having your own kids is? You get to fuck them up the way you see fit, let you know when I am par with how you did!
    JK but she needs to stop.

    Answer by 2kids2dogs2cats at 5:22 PM on Dec. 16, 2013

  • Bah! Let her words go in one ear and out the other. My son was almost 4 1/2 before HE was potty trained, and we started when he was 2 (can you say NOT ready?)

    Ask her if she's ever heard the phrase: Let sleeping children lie/lay.

    Typically it takes 6 months (or more) for a child to get night time potty training figured out.

    We always had them go potty as the last thing before they crawled into bed and the first thing when they wok up in the morning. It worked for us.

    Answer by Rosehawk at 5:42 PM on Dec. 16, 2013