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How do single moms get cheap childcare without state assistance?

So I was hoping to get assistance from the state for daycare because I just got a new job. I'm a single mom and the BD is not part of my son's life or mine for that matter.
So my thing is in order to get assistance I have to pursue child support and that can't happen because just to spite me the BD would take me to court for some sort of custody and that is just something that a child should not have to go through, regardless of the judgement. He would feel it necessary to get custody of some sort if he had to pay support...basically if he was "forced to be a parent" then he one should be forced, you should want to. So my predicament does one get daycare that isn't going to be so expensive? It ends up being more expensive to work to pay for daycare! Hope someone can give me some advice

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Asked by Anonymous at 4:13 PM on Feb. 21, 2009 in Money & Work

Answers (7)
  • When I was in that same situation, I found a person who would exchange babysitting for room and board. It worked out really great for about a year. She was only 18, and wanted to move in with a boyfriend after a time.
    It was much cheaper feeding her and giving her a room, than paying for day care for 3 kids.
    There are many retirees now, that can't afford their own home, but would make this kind of arrangement a win-win if your personalities get along good.

    Answer by doright at 4:17 PM on Feb. 21, 2009

  • Well a child should have both parents in their lives even if one is crappy. In order to get state assistance you do have to cooperate. When I was a single mom I did everything the state asked and never got child support anyway LOL. I had a live in and paid her $175 a week and free room and board. When she wasnt there or before I hired her I tried going the route of asking my parents but that always ended up not working out for whatever reason (they had plans, wanted a day off etc). Maybe you can put an ad in the paper and see about a college student, or someone like that?

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:36 PM on Feb. 21, 2009

  • maybe try a barter system. is there something you are good at? or find a mom who babysits in her house and see how that goes. put signs up at schools that have night classes so the people who are free in the day could see them. ask around. freinds, family, chruch groups, etc should all be able to recoomend someone.

    Answer by princezzmommie at 6:44 PM on Feb. 21, 2009

  • family or friends

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:13 PM on Feb. 21, 2009

  • pay family or friends & file for child support

    Answer by sweetest-sin7 at 9:59 PM on Feb. 21, 2009

  • Did the father sign the birth certificate? If not, then they can't go after him for child support.. just tell them you don't know who the father is... otherwise.. try working something out with family/friends.. like you babysit for such and such a time, and they for another.. or find an negotiable price with them (either way, it's cheaper than day care).. also post ads online or in the paper, asking for people that are willing to sit for such and such a price. Or you could look into getting a job at a day care (that way you get a discount) or starting up a daycare of your own. Also look into local colleges.. sometimes they have cheaper rates.. especially if you are a student

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 12:34 AM on Feb. 22, 2009

  • First of all he is by law required to pay child support and just because he takes you to court does not mean that he will be granted any kind of custody, especially if he has not been in the child's life until now. He is trying to scare you and it is working. Open a child support takes money to take you to court for custody. I would so call his bluff on this one! You cannot get state assistance without pursuing child support. Do what is right for your child...get them the support he/she deserves.  Most men like this are all talk until you push back and then they shut up.


    Answer by salexander at 12:43 PM on Feb. 23, 2009

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