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How do i get my 3 year old son potty trained?

I have tried every thing, I have praised, I have tired sticker: 1 for pee, 2 for poop, I have asked him ever hour then every half hour, and even before and after bed times. I just dont now what to be cause he can start school this comming fall and i dont want to hold him back because he isnt potty trained

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Asked by WilsonMaMa1928 at 12:00 AM on Feb. 26, 2009 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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Answers (8)
  • Is he wearing pullups? Get him into real underwear if he is.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:04 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • Just keep trying your best. my 5 year old still wets the bed at night when my 3 year doesn't. we did the ask every half hour thing. and don't worry about school they will help you. and yeah don't use training pants. cause all it is; is a big diaper.

    Answer by ladyheather900 at 12:29 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • put underwear on him and not make a big deal out of it if he wets just take him to the toilet and sit him on it explain this is were we go potty and when you or any one in your home uses the bathroom bring him with you talk about what you are doing and ask if he wants to go watch him you can tell with kids when they are about to go that is when you grab them and make the run for the bathroom it takes some time with chris it was less then 2 weeks before we had him trained but everyone has to work with him and training pants are just a cruch for moms i learned that with angelica we would be in a store and she would say i have to potty i would just think ok and let her wet herself cuz i did not want the hassle of taking her and the 7 yr old to the bathroom was to bussy

    Answer by carolynbailey33 at 12:58 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • Okay, I did these things with all three of my boys......but first, just to let you know, boys are typically harder to train and take longer than girls......with that said....DO NOT USE PULL UPS, this gives them a false "back up". Put him in regular undies, take him shopping with you to pick out his own spidey man, sponge bob.....whatever he likes. They LOVE to pick out their own big boy undies! Then you throw a few Cheerios in the potty and have him "shoot and destroy". Boys LOVE that, it appeals to their testosterone, really it does! AND it helps them to aim. Then you do a happy potty dance, the sillier the better, telling him that he should be so proud of himself for going potty like a big boy, just like Daddy......For his BM's, you can use the Cheerios as well and see if he can "sink them with a poop missile". I know, it sounds absolutely crazy silly, but it truly works! You know how boys like to (continued)...


    Answer by blessed5x at 1:00 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • (continued) cops and robbers, good guy / bad guy, shoot em up, karate chop.....this appeals to that part of a boys brain. Also, boys this age like silly and the happy potty dance appeals to that part of a boys brain as well!! I have succeeded with each of my sons with these techniques.....they do work! Make it more fun than a chore, help him to feel proud of himself, his accomplishment, don't make it a downer and it won't be! Remember, Cheerios, search and destroy and sink with a poop missle, then the happy potty dance, it does work!

    Answer by blessed5x at 1:02 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • wink miniNo dippers , no pullups , he will do it couple of times but he will get it


    Answer by UmZaid77 at 2:57 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • Here's what I did for my 3 year old son.One Monday night we were watching John & Kate Plus 8. This episode was where the boy's were potty training. My son and I were sitting together I said to him now Matthew that's what you are spost to do just like them they are big boys now. Then after the show went off then Matthew went pee pee in the potty.Also I have a two year old nephew who goes to babysiters all day, he now is potty training too. By the way if you don't watch John & Kate Plus 8 you need to. My family loves them. It comes on Monday night's @8:00c on the TLC channel.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:31 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • my son will be 3 in May. I got him the potty DVD from huggies it is free. he loved the songs and he started going after that. When I chnaged him I was say you have to be a bug boy and pee in the potty. I believe i started in Oct officially or Nov. He had accidents but he would only pee. I used pull ups and under wears. I made a poster with encouraging words, potty chair and some pictures of pampers. We found a picture of a fireplace and we put the picture of the pampers in the fire place and kept saying "Burn baby Burn". I put pictures of him on the poster. And i found pic or recliner chair and put a pic of him on it. I kept saying he was a big boy. He has been pooping in the toilet for over a month. People telling me not to use pull ups and I did off and on. And only time he use pull ups is when he takes naps and at night. Some mornings he is dry. Just be patient.

    Answer by MarqsMom at 8:30 PM on Feb. 26, 2009

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