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Why is it that "Nobody Messes with Joe"?

What did you think about Obama's remark “nobody messes with Joe.” ?

Perhaps people don’t mess with Joe Biden because they’re busy ridiculing him for his gaffes and blunders?

What is your favorite Biden-ism?

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:01 AM on Feb. 26, 2009 in Politics & Current Events

Answers (11)
  • How bout the one where his racist butt mocked the fact that many 7/11's are owned by Indian people. It was down right crude and I was shocked it got no play during the election. But I guess with all the focus on Palin's supposed lack of intelligence there wasn't room to focus on Joe Biden's idiocy.


    Answer by momof030404 at 8:08 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • eye rolling


    Answer by Anonymous at 8:08 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • Anon 7:08 your "rolling eyes" only makes me want to post more questions like these. : )

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:24 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • Yes I agree, VERY helpful to try an get peop[le to see your point of view when you act like a 5 yr old.

    Answer by momof030404 at 8:28 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • According to our esteemed and highly educated Vice President, "When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened." –Joe Biden, apparently unaware that FDR wasn't president when the stock market crashed in 1929 and that only experimental TV sets were in use at that time and there were no television broadcasting networks whatsoever.
    I'd prefer a person who refers to Africa as a country to someone who thinks there were commercial televisions in use in 1929, and who doesn't know that the president in 1929 was Herbert Hoover, NOT Franklin D. Roosevelt. There may be plenty of people who don't know off the top of their heads who was president any particular year that far back in history, but most of those people arent running for VP either.

    Answer by pagan_mama at 9:08 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • Obama doesn't want "anyone to mess with Joe" because he knows Joe is a "loose cannon!" If you corner Joe on a subject in which he doesn't have a prepared answer/statement, he'll likely utter another gaffe!

    Stating that Joe is a "force to be reckoned with" is just Obama's attempt to create the ILLUSION that Joe is on top of his game, when in reality, Joe doesn't have a clue! The less Joe speaks, the less Obama has to spin it!!! LOL

    Answer by LoriKeet at 9:33 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • Hands down, has to be when he screwed up administering the oath of office to Hillary Clinton after he humiliated his boss by making fun of Chief Justice Roberts for doing the same thing.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 9:40 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • my favorite Obamaism is "oh yes we can".. can YES WE DID.. so stop hating..

    Answer by JrsMommy07 at 9:43 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • "so stop hating" there are plenty of good reasons I have for disliking our president.. murder for one! If you want me to worship a murderer you got issues.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 10:15 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • op- I have to agree with pagan-mama.. that was my favorite.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 10:16 AM on Feb. 26, 2009

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