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My Baby is almost a year and we want to move her into her sister's room, I was wondering....

how other's have made this transition. DD is 3 and very excited to have her sister in her room. I'm worried about how this will work. We hope by the summer they will be together. Right now the baby's crib is in our room. This is fine for us but I'd like to have my room back, if you know what I mean! How did it work for you when you put your kids in the same room? We don't have a problem with our kids sharing a room, our oldest dd is really looking forward to it, well now anyway! lol.


Asked by AmandaH321 at 1:55 PM on Feb. 26, 2009 in General Parenting

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Answers (4)
  • My girls are in th esame room together. They are 16 months apart in age and are 2 and 3 years old. I moved youngest DD in with older DD when she was only 6 months old. This worked out for us, because I would put the baby to bed first and when she was asleep and established I would put the older DD down about a half hour later. She would go right to sleep without waking her younger sister up. Now both of them are in toddlers beds side by side, they love being in the same room together. I have noticed the key to a less stress bedtime is to have a great routine! It may take some time, but I would go ahead and move her into the room with your other DD.

    Answer by BabyBeans0506 at 2:46 PM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • Good Question! I have been wondering the same thing. My DH wants to put the girls together (they are the same age as yours 3 yrs and 11 months) so we can have a computer/play room but I am just fine with the kids all haveing there own rooms.

    Answer by jem102675 at 1:59 PM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • We moved our second son into the bedroom with big brother (they are 2 years apart) when he was 8 months old. When he was sleeping through the night not waking to feed or needing a diaper change, that's when we did it. He was never in the crib in our room though. He started out in the bassinet and when he got too big for that (which was too quickly) we had him in a pack & play. (We live in an apartment and knowing the kids would share a room we took the smaller room and there's no room for anything bigger than a pack and play.) Anyway, there was never an issue. Now that they are 2 and 4 and the little one is in his twin bed now, occasionally the little one will get out of bed and play or climb into bed with big brother, but that's rare. They quickly got used to sleeping in the same room together. I think that by the time we're able to buy a house and they'll have their own rooms that they will find it hard.

    Answer by boizmom at 2:13 PM on Feb. 26, 2009

  • One thing we did do from the start was put him in his crib, in the room he eventually went to, for nap time. That got him used to sleeping in the crib and it wasn't such a foreign thing for him.

    Answer by boizmom at 2:14 PM on Feb. 26, 2009