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Has anyone seen Slumdog Millionaire?

What did you think about it?

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Asked by IzzeAddy at 7:10 PM on Feb. 28, 2009 in Entertainment

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  • I haven't seen it yet. My daughter has visited India twice, and the following is what she wrote to some of her friends. I will try to copy/paste as best as I can. There ARE some pictures too, but I don't know if they will show...

    ** I have not seen the movie but I would really like to. However, a friend of mine who is a missionary in India wrote this and sent it out in an email. It is definitely worth looking at. Also, my intention is not to offend anyone, I'm just passing on an interesting email.**

    Hello dear friends,
    Just thought I’d write about thoughts on this huge new movie – Slumdog.
    Slumdog controversy – the ‘real’ india
    Well, a few friends emailed me about the Slumdog movie. There’s a controversy over here about it cus some are saying it makes India ‘look bad’. Big influential people were trying to get it banned from opening here.

    Answer by PSMother at 7:45 PM on Feb. 28, 2009


    But because it has been such a huge hit all over the world, they stopped trying.
    They don’t like it cus it shows the ‘bad part’ of India. Well, after living here, I would say it doesn’t show the ‘bad part’ of India – I would say it shows India – exactly for what it is.

    Mumbai (Bombay) is a massive sprawling city that is considered the ‘financial center’ of India, like New York is to America. Some years back, the city officials decided not to build an infrastructure to ‘expand’ the city thinking it would discourage the poor from moving there. Of course that did not work, at all. And now it is one of the most congested cities in India. But it is NOT unusual, it is not the exception. I think, in my limited experience of living here, that Mumbai encapsulates the essence of India in every way.


    Answer by PSMother at 7:48 PM on Feb. 28, 2009

  • About 70% of India lives in slums or comparable poverty conditions, just like in the movie. About 15% of India is in the growing IT sector which lives upper middle class, having an indoor bathroom, kitchen, motorcycle or car, and has ‘extra’ for movies or other ‘nice’ things. Then there is the upper caste, which is about 15% of the most incredibly rich people I’ve ever seen. They are the richest layer of society I could imagine, and did not know they existed here until I came.
    This part of society, the upper caste, owns and controls almost everything. They are soooooo far removed from the ‘normal India’ – like day and night – like up and down. And overall, the ones below them are considered to be there for their benefit, to serve them. Other than that, there is very little concern for the ‘lower masses’.


    Answer by PSMother at 7:48 PM on Feb. 28, 2009

  • I recently met some new friends. The husband said he did not know how rich India was, until he got a job working with the very wealthy of India. He no longer considers India a 3rd world country based on money. It is 3rd world based on backward social systems and poverty among the majority. But he feels that India is one of the richest ‘societies he’s ever worked in. Which is such a contradiction to how India ‘lives’.
    The top is rich beyond understanding, and the poor are poor beyond comprehension. And the rich do not help the poor, and are not concerned for the poor. India believes in ‘fate’ and ‘karma’, that everything is ‘set by the gods’, and the gods determine who will be rich and who will be poor, and that’s that, and it is not something to change. The rich live on top of the poor, and there is no question.

    Answer by PSMother at 7:49 PM on Feb. 28, 2009

  • In the movie, the 2 main young children were paid 2000rs for their work, about $40 usd. They are now being provided school, and a trust fund is set up for them when they graduate. This might seem unfair, which is it considering the ‘stars’ were paid huge amounts of money, and the movie is making huge amounts of money. But it is accepted, and not questioned in the least, because they are from that ‘caste’, they are the poor, and so they ‘deserve’ to be poor as the ‘gods ordained’. It is their fate, and no one (especially the rich) is responsible to change their ‘fate’ or ‘karma’. The poor are expected to ‘accept’ their fate as from the gods, and live in it. Just as it is the fate of the rich to live in their ‘abundance.

    Answer by PSMother at 7:50 PM on Feb. 28, 2009

  • Then again, to give the children more money, causes problems within their own social caste. The ‘balance’ within the social caste they belong to, must be maintained. And again, money given to them is usually lost to lenders, lost to others who ‘take it’ from them, and lost even to the upper caste who feel it should not be given to those ‘lower’.
    So to provide an education, food and clothes, and putting money into a trust that the children can ‘grow into’ is one of the best ways to insure that the children themselves will actually benefit. Too many people are there who would take it from them if it was given any other way. And they cannot fight against those ‘above’ them from taking it, because they are ‘lower’, and the ones ‘above’ have the right, while they have no rights at all.


    Answer by PSMother at 7:51 PM on Feb. 28, 2009

  • So this movie actually shows pretty well how Indian society works, throughout all India, even today.
    Upper castes tend to deny this, and say it is just a small part of India, even saying there is no caste system in India anymore, that is has been abolished. But that is not true. I watch this ‘system’ control everyday life, everyday here in India. And what happened in the movie is not an exception.
    So I would say that this movie does not show the ‘bad side’ of India – it shows India for what it is.

    Answer by PSMother at 7:52 PM on Feb. 28, 2009

  • Everyone is referring to the way that they show only the poor side of India in any movie that is released... No movie shows that India has nice cities and that not everyone here is poor... You know I have had people ask me if there is running water and electricity here... Because of the way India is shown to the rest of the world, people can never believe how nice it is here as well!

    Answer by Brooke1212 at 1:42 PM on May. 2, 2009

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