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what is your daily routine?

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Asked by Anonymous at 5:31 PM on Mar. 1, 2009 in Just for Fun

Answers (7)
  • Every day is different and I love it that way. The only real routine I have is my son's bedtime routine which includes dinner, flash cards, bath, teeth brushed, book, bottle, then bed everynight starting at 7pm!

    Answer by jessicarae787 at 5:39 PM on Mar. 1, 2009

  • Wake up, take my DD to the potty, cook breakfast, let the dogs out, clean up the kitchen, then after that it always just depends.

    Answer by mommyBrooke849 at 5:43 PM on Mar. 1, 2009

  • wake up at 5 am, shower, get dressed, fix my hair, get brycen up, feed him, get him bathed and dressed, take him to daycare, go to school, get brycen @ 1:30, go run arrunds in town for abt an hour, come home, clean up the house, fix dinner, put brycen to bed, go to sleep,
    & on weekends, pretty much the same, but no school or daycare lol. im a boring person 8)

    Answer by Jessica1991 at 5:54 PM on Mar. 1, 2009

  • cooking ,cleaning, diapers, dogs, cleaning, work, cooking, dancing, singing, acting silly you know whatever

    Answer by jbirchard at 5:55 PM on Mar. 1, 2009

  • wake up, listen to some whining, take a shower, spend half an hour convincing my kids to put clothes on, calm down a screaming child, load three kids in the car, drop kids off at daycare, go to work, go to the gym, load three kids into car again, come home and calm screaming 2 year old, wake up daddy, make dinner, break up a fight, kiss boo boos, spend 3 hours trying to get all three kids to finally go to sleep, spend 5 minutes with husband alone before he goes to get ready for work, clean the house, try to read a little, collapse into bed and instantly fall alseep.

    Answer by Silvertears1275 at 7:20 PM on Mar. 1, 2009

  • I wake up every morning at 4:30am to get my DH off to class, then back to bed for an hour or two. DD wakes up at about 7, get her and me dressed, eat breakfast, then I start cleaning the house while she plays in her room. We eat lunch at about 11:30, she naps from 1-3, play some, watch some cartoons, then dinner at 5, bath at 6 and bedtime at 8. After she goes to bed, I usually either get on the computer or watch a couple hours of TV until my DH comes home. We visit for an hour or two and then off to bed to start all over again tomorrow!

    Answer by Mizzjos at 8:07 PM on Mar. 1, 2009

  • -Wake up to my hungry two month old daughter anywhere between 7-10 AM.
    -Make a bottle, pee. Feed my daughter with one hand and eat breakfast with the other.
    -Spend most of the morning watching TV and entertaining my daughter.
    -Change X number of pee and poopy diapers.
    -Take a shower sometime.
    -Wait for my boyfriend to get home from work.
    -Make lunch/supper sometime.
    -Spend the evening watching TV and feeding my daughter.
    -Put my daughter to bed.
    -Go to sleep.

    Thaaaaaaat's about it :o] Bo-ring.

    Answer by caitxrawks at 9:00 PM on Mar. 1, 2009

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