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Should I be beating myself up over this, or is it just me?

First off I want to say that I have an amazing BF, he sweet and caring, funny and I love him with all my heart, we jsut had a son 1/29/09. We still can not make love so the other nite I was just sitting on him in bed and my PP belly was in full view (I have lost 23 of the 30 pounds gained) He said we need to go on diets... LIKE DUH I DONT KNOW I'M FAT! He saw that it really upset me and said he loves me just the way that I am and blah blah blah. But I cant see to stop thinking that he thinks I am fat. He says I beautiful everyday, and that I make him horny (TMI?) But I still feel like I should be skinny for him. I want to lose more than just baby weight, but I can go outside, cause I live in ME and have 3+ feet of snow. What do you all think? It hasnt even been 5 weeks and I keep thinking he deserves someone who is beautiful...


Asked by Anonymous at 9:01 AM on Mar. 4, 2009 in Relationships

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Answers (5)
  • You are beautiful. You had a baby. Give yourself time to get things back where they were. He put his foot in his mouth, that's all. Men can be stupid. Not sure why God gave them a mouth except maybe to provide us with oral sex!

    Answer by admckenzie at 9:56 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • If you'v alreadi lost 23 of 30, ur doin quite alrite. dont go 2 the xtreme 2 lose the weight... it seems to b on the way out da door anyway, n soon enough ur lil 1 will hae u all over the place behind him. no Biggie. dnt stress aout this 1. u jus had a baby 4 him, the most beautiful he could ever get from a woman, how much more does he deserve. brush it off n treat urslef 2 sum icecream ;)

    Answer by StarrCooKie at 9:37 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • I know how you feel and I have not even had my baby yet =[.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:10 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • WOW! YOu need to take a deep breath... please didnt you know it takes a year for the woman's body to go back to its normal after birth? I gave birth 7 months ago and i still have not lost all my weight yet. I worked out pretty much everyday before I was pregnant and I got a great body now i'm just an average size. Dont beat yourself. It is only 5 weeks!! Your boyfriend needs to chill.

    Answer by aznblond9 at 9:07 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • i think you just had a baby and you are still emotional and are going through alot of changes. i cried almost everyday while i was pregnant and every other day after i had her lol it will get better.

    Answer by jodi205 at 9:04 AM on Mar. 4, 2009