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What do I do?????

What do I do when my boyfriend and I go see his kids,and we dont stay in a motel room he wants to stay in the same home with his ex. I know he wants to spend time with his kids and all ,but Im alittle jealous here. I need alittle help here????


Asked by Anonymous at 9:26 AM on Mar. 4, 2009 in Relationships

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Answers (8)
  • Oh Sweety, Im sure he went to stay there before you, theres noway I'd do That. He should respect you and your feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:32 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • Oh, I wouldn't do that. Seems way too awkward for me. I would lay down the law.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:37 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • Are you going with him? I would think that would be really uncomfortable for you and for the ex as well? I do not blame him one bit for wanting to spend the extra time with his kids. Maybe just talk to him about it and see if you can compromise. But be careful, don't try to take his time with his kids away from him. I am shocked he and the ex have a decent enough relationship that they are comfortable with that. If my husband and I divorced, there is no way I would want him staying with me while he was seeing our son. That's just uncomfortable to me.

    Answer by DDry at 9:37 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • my x used to do that. I didn't like him showing up with his latest gf either. I thought it was disrespectful to both of us but if he wanted to sleep in the floor with her in the living room then so be it. I locked myself in the bedroom at night until they left.

    Answer by admckenzie at 9:51 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • I and my fiance let his ex live with us for a while because she was homeless. That also gave him more time with their son and to see how she treated their son when around him all the time (We had reason to suspect neglect etc.). While me and her got along great the first week or so then it started getting difficult (you can only handle being around someone for so long-- even you and your man need some time apart). After two months she had to go because she decided to move her BF in with us and becoming pg again her horomones were everywhere. Will NEVER EVER do that again. She goes homeless his son can live with us but not her, her BF, and now 3 other kids.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:13 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • Find a new boyfriend! This is a pretty clear indication of where his real loyalties lie, so why do you want to waste any more time?

    Answer by NannyB. at 10:17 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • Any decent man with children from a prior relationship is going to put his child before the girlfriend. He would be a bad parent otherwise. But if you aren't secure enough to let him go and trust him, then you need to leave him. You can't ask the man to put your feelings ahead of his own children. I wouldn't want a man who did that anyway. But it isn't appropriate for you to be staying with him. Maybe you stay in a hotel while he is at the house and you can meet up with them when you get up and dressed in the mornings.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:32 AM on Mar. 4, 2009

  • Well, your there with him right hes not staying with her alone, so I wouldn't worry about it there's a reason there not together and he's with you

    Answer by NicholeAT at 10:53 AM on Mar. 4, 2009