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Pregnant on Paragard?! How would I know?

So here's the deal:

I've had the Paragard for almost a year now ( in April it will be a year ) and normally my period comes very month on time like clock work -- and heavy too! But this month, it hasn't come yet. It's well over a week late and I've started to worry. I went to make an appointment with my OB and the nurse said with the Paragard it is NOT normal to miss a period like it is with Mirana. So now, I'm even more worried. I've taken 2 at home pregnancy test and both have been negative. Every day I find myself more and more tired -- but I don't wanna spend more money on a test. My OB didn't have an opening til the end of this month, so now I'm left to wonder.

Anyone else out there that got pregnant on the Paragard? If'd you find out?

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Asked by jen_greiner at 12:49 AM on Mar. 8, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • Here is some info I found for you on

    I Be Pregnant Even Though I Am Using The Paragard?

    I am 11 days late as of today. I have been spotting for about 2 days now. I thought I would of started. I still haven't though. I have the paragard in and have had it since February of 2008. I am usually on time with my periods and have never been late. I have had some mild cramps. The only thing I really see different in me is that my back is hurting, and sometimes catch myself taking naps.

    Paragard is non hormonal birth control device. It is also called copper T. It blocks sperms p

    Answer by navywife6 at 10:36 AM on Mar. 8, 2009

  • Paragard is non hormonal birth control device. It is also called copper T. It blocks sperms passage and does not allow fertilization. Efficacy of paragard is 99.5%. So, there are poor chances of pregnancy with paragard use. Low backache and spotting are side effects of this device. As there are 0.5% chances of pregnancy
    with paragard use, you should get pregnancy test and discuss this with your doctor

    Answer by navywife6 at 10:44 AM on Mar. 8, 2009

  • I also found this:

    If period is missed contact Dr as a pregnancy could be ectopic. So call your OG/GYN and tell them you need a test sooner than later.

    Hang in there honey

    Answer by navywife6 at 10:45 AM on Mar. 8, 2009

  • Okay, i went thru this same exact thing last year. pregnancy symotoms, weight gain, everything!!! But when i would take tests, they would be negative. Then i started hurting a little doen there and finally made an appointment. My Dr issued an ultrasound to check the placement of the IUD, since i thought maybe the pain meant it had moved..but instead, it was in perfect position! What i have is a 3 inch Ovarian Cyst. They will try to say that it wasn't caused by the Paragard, but after i googled it-alot of people have this after getting an IUD!!!! I've never had one before!! should ask them to check you for this if you have any discomfort near your pelvis. And i had missed my period bunches of times-it DOES happen and your not pregnant! i can't wait to get my IUD out,bc there are too many problems with it!!

    Answer by MamaCass2003 at 12:09 PM on Mar. 6, 2010

  • I have been pregnant on paragard once in 2.5 years. I ended up having a miscarriage within 2 days of finding out. My doctor didn't even believe it until I got the blood work. I kept it in buy I do still worry alot. My doctor said it wasn't going to happen again. Not that I trust his judgement but I don't want to take bc pills and I have been preggo on almost everything. Good luck

    Answer by Strisha20 at 9:10 PM on Jun. 3, 2010

  • I have had the paraguard for 2 1/2 years and I just recently got pregnant about 6 months ago. when I found out I was pregnant the doctor said I was 4 months pregnant with twins. This was a shock but they said they had no heart beat and were growing in the tubes so they gave me medication to abort since I was already having contractions . This happened 2 days after I found out I was pregnant . This Is the 1st time I have had the paraguard and I have found it to be worse than the mirena . Please see a doctor cause symptoms are very bad if you think you are pregnant.

    Answer by kristi1981 at 7:25 PM on Aug. 21, 2013

  • i wish we can file a class action suit against the company that makes the para guard. I had my para guard for 4 years and got pregnant with twins. i miscarried one of the babies but my other was born with no problems. all these doctors want to act surprised and like we are the crazy ones but a woman knows her body. yes you can indeed get pregnant with the para guard iud and more than likely your pregnancy will end in a miscarry. this is what they don't tell you and they should. instead the doctors all act surprised when they hear of this news...

    Answer by momandher3 at 2:14 PM on Dec. 22, 2014

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