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SAHM vs Working Moms?

If you are a SAHM do you think that you are better than a working mom, feel sorry for them or envy them?

If you are a working mom to you envy SAHM, feel sorry for them or feel guilty that you cannot stay home with your kids?

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Asked by Niki_sd at 1:23 PM on Mar. 11, 2009 in General Parenting

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  • I consider myself both. I work five days and off nine. so one week I work, the next week I don't. I love it.

    Answer by Mama2Mase at 1:24 PM on Mar. 11, 2009

  • WTH is up with all the damn q's today?

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:25 PM on Mar. 11, 2009

  • i feel sorry for working moms, they miss out on a lot of stuff that there kids do for the first time. i went to work for a while and i missed out on my daughter crawling and walking for the first time and it was such a big deal because she was a preemie and they said that she would never do either of these things.

    Answer by mrssundin at 1:26 PM on Mar. 11, 2009

  • wth is up with these stupid people giving non answers?! btw I'm a working mom who does envy sahms, I wish I could afford it but I can't.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:27 PM on Mar. 11, 2009

  • I envy SAHMs (but not in a negative way). I used to be one, and wish I could do it again. They were, by far, the best years of my life. And I do feel guilty about the hours I spend at work, instead of at home with my children.

    Answer by imacafemom at 1:27 PM on Mar. 11, 2009

  • I'm a sahm and I figure working mum's just made the choice that was right for them. I don't evny them, feel sorry for them, or anything else. Why should I?

    This animosity between working mum's and sahm's is bizarre, imo. It seems to be continued by two types of people. Those who are insecure in their own decision, so attack others to try and convince themselves. And those who feel the choices they make in life are the choices that everyone else should make too, and get angry at people who make different choices.

    Answer by Bezu at 1:27 PM on Mar. 11, 2009

  • I love being a sahm but wish I was a part time worker just to get away sometimes. Personally though I feel a mothers, can be a father too, job is at home with their children, not to let someone else raise them 8-10 hours out of the day. I couldn't imagine only getting mornings and evenings with my daughter and I know it kills my hubby to have to leave us. I feel bad for those mothers who want to be at home and can't b/c of finances, that's understandable, but I don't feel bad for ppl who can be at home but choose to work instead of being with their kids.

    Answer by SMWOODS at 1:29 PM on Mar. 11, 2009

  • I've been both, currently SAH looking for a job. Actually I don't feel either one has it easier or harder. Working mothers do miss out on some things with their children, however, SAH mothers can miss out on certain things also.

    Answer by KennsWifey at 1:29 PM on Mar. 11, 2009

  • I also consider myself sort of both too, I work in the office 3 days per week and from home with the kids 2 days per week. I think being a mom in general is very hard work. I do envy SAHM's a bit though, but not necessarily because they are home with their kids, that is tough stuff! I envy them because they had the CHOICE to do so. In *my* situation, we do not have the choice, we need my paycheck to pay the bills, and yes, we sacrafice, I hate the argument that SAHM's sacrafice more, we have no extras, NONE. I *have* to work. So, I work AND sacrafice, which isn't exactly what some SAHM's think of working moms.

    Answer by gramsmom at 1:29 PM on Mar. 11, 2009

  • Noway... We all need a break weather its the kids, hubby, traffic... I dont think i could be a SAHM, sorry ladies but they need a break from just like i need with them.. Bash or not... I like working making money to help out.. An no i dont think someone else is raising my kids for me.. They know i love them more than life.. I just cant see being a SAHM at my house.. PLUS that just means my hubby would have to get sex EVERYNIGHT and i just dont want to give it up EVERYNIGHT!! So more power to the mamas that stay home and that work outside the home...

    Answer by HottMamaRossx2 at 1:29 PM on Mar. 11, 2009

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