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Ok seriously, Please help!

I really need my toddler to sleep in his own bed. I've tried it all. Any unique ideas? Last night my DH and I got absolutely NO sleep and kicked all night long. Our son woke up at 7am fully rested. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:24 AM on Mar. 12, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

Answers (7)
  • put him in his own bed and let him cry he will get exausted and fall asleep safly. This may sound mean, but I had to do it and now i have no problem with my son going to sleep in his own bed.

    Answer by mommy20081 at 11:30 AM on Mar. 12, 2009

  • I think making a child cry himself to sleep is barbaric and cruel. In my opinion it devalues him as a human and teaches him that crying out for help and comfort is futile and that parents don't care. Don't bash me, it is just how I feel. I would rock my son and put him to bed or I would allow him (and my girls) to fall asleep with us in bed and we'd carry them to their own bed later. They never felt rejected or demeaned and we got our sleep. I do that with my grandchildren now. It just works in my opinion.

    Answer by admckenzie at 11:39 AM on Mar. 12, 2009

  • We had to let ours cio to. We were right there going in every few minutes just he had to stay in his bed. At that age with my oldest we even stayed in the room with him, he wasn't scared just crying wanting his own way. It will be hard the first night or two but once he realizes you aren't going to giv in it will be alot easier. Like I said we stayed in there with him, pat him on the back whatever, if we did leave it was for a few minutes at a time, and eventually he will sleep, we soent les time in there ever night and after a few dys we didn't have to stay in there at all.

    Answer by AK_aries at 12:18 PM on Mar. 12, 2009

  • I know it sounds mean, but cry it out. Your child knows you will give in to him so will scream and cry until you do. It's not htat he needs anything. It's that he's got you trained. So until you retrain him to respond to you rather than you catering to him, you will probably just have to let him cry. Once he gets used to it, it won't be as big a deal and evnetually he won't even cry when you put him to bed. Offer something special for him as part of being a big boy whether a special toy or a story before bed or something first thing in the morning if he stays in bed all night.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:49 PM on Mar. 12, 2009

  • We have special toys or books that our two year old can only play with in his bed. If he wants to sleep with us it's okay, but he can't bring his "special" toys. They don't keep him awake any longer than he'd be awake normally, they actually keep him a lot calmer. He doesn't feel like we are making him sleep. He has to be in bed and quiet, but he can fall asleep when he's tired. Potty Train By 2!


    Answer by cuddlemonkeez at 1:09 PM on Mar. 12, 2009

  • Does he fall asleep on his own ok in bed or is that an ordeal too? If he's in a bed and not going to sleep on his own you could try sitting in a chair next to his bed until he falls asleep. Each night move the chair farther and farther from the bed until you're out the door and hopefully he won't need you there to go to sleep.
    If he's waking during the night, put him back in bed, rub his back for a minute or two and then go back to your own bed. If that doesn't fix it in a few nights, put a matress on the floor in your room next to your bed and tell him if he doesn't want to sleep in his bed, that's where he can sleep.

    Answer by twinclubmom at 1:24 PM on Mar. 12, 2009

  • Charts have worked for EVERYTHING in our house. Do a chart with Sunday through Monday on it and give him a sticker for every night he stays in his bed at the end of the week if he has at least 4 stickers you could do a special activity with him or get him a little something at the store. I would try reading him books in his roo and singing a lullaby, tucking him in and rubbing his back. Make going to bed in his room fun for him. Good luck.

    Answer by happyathomemum at 1:54 PM on Mar. 12, 2009

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