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Is your cat obsessed? (or posessed, however you want to look at it.)

Is your cat obsessed with some object in your house? My cat loves shoes but will chew on the straps only on my Mary-Jane style crocs. All the other shoes are safe from chewing but she loves shoes and feet. Fresh scrubbed from the shower, she still loves feet. My feet, the neighbors, strangers, yours...everyones feet. My boy cat cannot resist legos. He has eaten several. You don't want to know how I know this. I try to keep these things away from them as much as possible but you know how little boys are with legos.


Asked by TessaBianca at 2:36 PM on Mar. 14, 2009 in Just for Fun

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Answers (9)
  • We have 2 small carnivorous mammals loose in our house. We feed them and provide a tray of tiny rocks in which they poo. What makes a person want a pet? That goes double for a cat. And why do I have 2? PLUS they're brother and sister. Carnivore sibling rivalry. Insanity, I tell you!

    Answer by TessaBianca at 9:43 PM on Mar. 15, 2009

  • I have a senile cat that pulls her hair out all the time.


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:37 PM on Mar. 14, 2009

  • HAH!

    Cats are weird little creatures, aren't they?
    I had a cat who would sit on my shoulders and lick my head.

    Answer by Anjeey at 2:38 PM on Mar. 14, 2009

  • mine sits on anything that i am trying to read/write with. books, pens, my keyboard. i guess he tihnks it's taking away from his 'me' time

    Answer by jcsmummy at 2:45 PM on Mar. 14, 2009

  • LOL! Enjoying the cat stories. The cat in my avatar I used to call Chicken Cat because every little thing startled him or scared him silly. He was a great watch cat, not because he protected anything, but if he ran headlong down the hallway and through the cat door (crash!) we knew somebody was driving down the driveway. My calico cat gets this possessed look in her eyes when she thinks you are thinking of moving and removing her from your lap. "Move me at your peril!" she seems to be thinking, ears back, eyes in slits. This is when it is a good idea to decide that you can sit there a while longer.

    Answer by Bmat at 2:45 PM on Mar. 14, 2009

  • One of our cats is always grooming DH. At night, she will jump up beside him and start licking his head and she won't quit until he moves. She also has an issue with feet, if we walk by her she will grab our feet and scratch. I got her from the humane society a few months ago. She is a big girl, so when she runs throughout the house she makes a ton of noise. She's a 20lb Maine Coon!

    Answer by PoisonousBlonde at 3:00 PM on Mar. 14, 2009

  • Oh yes...there are a few objects. Kilala has to scratch at the sides of the litter box for 20 minutes a night, she "barks" at the lazer pointer, and she has a scratch pad (a cheapo) that we got at walmart. She will scratch it, sleep on it, roll all over it...growl if I touch it. ANd she LOVES it when the sheet pulls back from the mattress. That cat is addicted to the feel of memory foam. My parents cat, figaro...has a thing for man crotch. If a man (usually my dad) is sitting down in that house, figaro is in his lap. Cats are weird...

    Answer by katzmeow726 at 3:12 PM on Mar. 14, 2009

  • Naw, he's overweight and lazy, no matter how many toys we buy him. Catnip doesn't even get him excited anymore.
    He does a strange thing every now and then, though. He'll go to the far corner of he office where the built-in wall shelves are and just sit there and stare at the corner near the ceiling. Weird!!

    Answer by PrydferthMenyw at 8:54 PM on Mar. 14, 2009

  • My cat likes to attack my ankles when I walk by. Unfortunately she has taken a liking to doing this to my daughter too. She absolutely loves flannel, she won't have too much to do with me unless I'm in my flannel PJ's then I am her best friend. We got her at the humane society but she chose
    us, actually my husband, she crawled up to his shoulder and just sat there like OK take me home now, you found the only cat you'll ever need :)
    My mothers' cat likes to "dig" at the bottom of the bathtub. He never gets anywhere obviously but boy does he just keep on trying :)

    Answer by Tawanda74 at 12:59 AM on Mar. 15, 2009