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What do you think of...

the women who say "I don't want a marriage or have children?"


Asked by Anonymous at 1:17 PM on Mar. 17, 2009 in Relationships

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Answers (11)
  • I think the same of them as I do women who want to get married and have chidren.
    Both of those are choices and we all have choices everyday.
    My sister is one of those people she knows that she does not want to get married nor have children. I do not feel just because you are a female that you have to want to get married or have children.

    Answer by Dannee at 1:21 PM on Mar. 17, 2009

  • That they shouldn't get married or have children.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:18 PM on Mar. 17, 2009


    Answer by older at 1:37 PM on Mar. 17, 2009

  • I know a woman who says she doesn't want kids or get married because she feels taking care of herself and her cat is enough. I think it's great when a person can see for themselves what they re ready for and not ready for.

    Answer by wheresthewayout at 1:50 PM on Mar. 17, 2009

  • I appreciate the fact that they recognize this in themselves and act accordingly. Too many women out here now with kids they were not prepared mentally, emotionally or financially to raise.

    Answer by Richerise at 1:52 PM on Mar. 17, 2009

  • I was one of those women that didn't plan on having kids until I got pregnant. I love my daughter and don't regret having her. I'm still debating on whther I wanna get married or not. I guess if I find a man that I am deeply in love with and he asks me I would but until that day comes Idk if I wanna get married. Maybe when I'm 30 and ready to spend the rest of my life with someone because thats making a life time commitment and I'm not ready for that yet. Oh and I hear about divorces alot and I don't wanna put that kind of stress upon my daughter.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:56 PM on Mar. 17, 2009

  • I believe it is every woman decision to whether or not they want to have kids or get married its not a law that every woman has to be married and every woman has to have children. And I think if a woman doesn't want kids she shouldn't have kids because if she does most likely they'll be child abuse of some kind. And then they are some women who want to have kids but doesn't want to be married and i think thats fine too again there is no law saying you have to be married to have kids. As long as that child is loved and cared for and is happy that is what matters!

    Answer by littleboys2008 at 2:03 PM on Mar. 17, 2009

  • There very selfish

    Answer by NicholeAT at 2:16 PM on Mar. 17, 2009

  • I figure thats sad but its not my life so whatever.

    Answer by BonesDragonDew at 2:17 PM on Mar. 17, 2009

  • who cares?it's there life & choice.

    Answer by ColtsFan1912 at 2:22 PM on Mar. 17, 2009