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Did anyone see the Real World this week?

Oh my god, I started crying and felt so..bad when he was called back to duty in Iraq. I was suprised on how much that touched me. I feel nothing but RESPECT for all the woman and men that are serving our Country. I hope you all come home Safe and Sound!

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Asked by Goldenbrowny at 10:04 PM on Mar. 19, 2009 in Politics & Current Events

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  • While I agree with your greatfulness towards those that serve for us, I didn't even know that show was still playing.

    Answer by Praying at 10:11 PM on Mar. 19, 2009

  • Nope but I have nothing but respect and thankfullness for our service men and women.They are added to my prayers everyday.God watch over our brave troops these are the people who give their all for love country and the american way.

    Answer by tnmomofive at 10:12 PM on Mar. 19, 2009

  • I thank God for Our troops may God protect and bless them!!!


    Answer by tyme4me2day at 10:15 PM on Mar. 19, 2009

  • It's so obvious that he is NOT mentally prepared to go back...very sad. I hope he is safe

    Answer by sweet-a-kins at 11:13 PM on Mar. 19, 2009

  • It definitely touched my heart. He's scared and I don't blame him. My brother leaves for Afghanistan later this year. I am a proud Army Veteran Wife, Army brat and Army sister. Hooah!

    Answer by azn_ladie82 at 11:41 PM on Mar. 19, 2009

  • I watched it & I was annoyed. How can you be a Vet against the war? You might not agree with why or how long we're over there, don't sign the line if you're not ready for it. You know what you're getting yourself into, even in times of peace. War sucks, but it's your job. You know you can be recalled, it's a fact of life-deal with it. If you have that big a problem (mentally or you're just dead set against the war), don't sign up & don't lie on your mental evals when you leave country & again stateside. If you have a genuine problem, your command is not going to want you to go back & put others at risk. On the other hand, I do however support and honor our Veterans. I appreciate the sacrifices they & their families have made, including Ryan from the Real World even though I think he complains too much.

    17 year member of American Legion -Women's Auxiliary & Marine Wife.


    Answer by RugersMommy06 at 7:54 AM on Mar. 20, 2009

  • If Im not mistaken,that show is old and he's already back overseas. You can serve this country and be a vet and still protest the war; who says you can't? You dont have to agree. I know young soldiers who were deployed to the Sandbox and no,they arent the same people. Some never want to go back,while others have reupped to go back!We will never know what they go thru and see over there. Its understandable they come back broken in some cases. Its just a shame they try to hide that or ignore it.

    Answer by guardmp_MOM at 1:30 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

  • I think you can not talk on the behalfs of the vets/soldiers until you have stepped in there shoes, and have experienced war and all of the affects! They sign up so.. young and have a different mind set and expectations, until they get there and reality sets in.

    Answer by Goldenbrowny at 6:32 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

  • If the last 2 comments were directed towards my response: I'm not speaking for vets. It was just my opinion that when you enlist you know you can go to war & you know that war can possibly change you-better or worse. I respect them for doing their job & appreciate the sacrifices they have made but I don't understand how you can be against the job you sign up for, especially post 9/11. (I'm only speaking about conflicts after Vietnam, as I have separate views on the draft) Some might not want to go back, but it's your duty-go & do it....even stop-lossed & recalled guys know it's always a possibility. I guess I'm just glad my husband signed up pre 9/11, didn't complain about preparing/training for war, going there & doing what he did (he was never inside the wire, complete water & ground combat his entire tour) came home a changed man with issues that we deal with but has never said "that war is wrong & I will never go back"

    Answer by RugersMommy06 at 8:48 AM on Mar. 21, 2009

  • He just did his duty & dealt with it as did most of the guys in his unit. Maybe Marines just have a different mentality of war. Semper Fi

    Answer by RugersMommy06 at 8:48 AM on Mar. 21, 2009

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