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Meeting a good guy..

I'm a single mother of a 2 year old and I can't seem to run into a good guy that's not into partying and being an alcohlic. I want someone who isn't going to just use me for sex.. and i dont know if there are any out there. Where can I meet a good guy, and how do i and when is it a good time to allow my son to be in the picture??

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:02 AM on Mar. 22, 2009 in Relationships

Answers (12)
  • if u have a friend or family member that has a good man see if they got friends likely they will be good guys too!

    Answer by josalin at 2:05 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • aha, im asking because all i see around me isnt good lol.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:06 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • Your son should be in the picture from the beginning, if the guy doesn't accept right away that you are a mom, then he is not worth your time. Where to meet good guys, try to avoid the bar, that is where alcoholics go. Places where single people normally meet single people are going to be places where the sex addicts are. Maybe try places where like church, parks, zoos, anywhere you can take your son and still let the world see that you are a beautiful hot momma looking for love.


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:09 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • When you find one find out if he has a brother and send him my way. =)

    Answer by Chandra034 at 2:13 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • thanks anon.. I'm 19 and i just dont know whether to look for ones my age, ones with kids, or ones that are older.. and more mature.. but as far as my boy in the picture.. i ment like yeah ill tell them, but alot of ppl are like no dont let me around them much becuz they can get emotionally atached and all that.. idk. blah.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:14 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • amen sista on that one.. and if i do find one i will, but that's unlikely.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:15 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • Sure, let him know you are a mom first off, but don't introduce him until at least you know him well. Then keep it casual no kissing and such in front of your son until you are sure he is the One. Introduce him as your "friend". At least that is what I would do. You do need to have your son and him together at some point so that you can see what kind of "dad" he will be. And talk to the guy alot to see his values and what kind of Dad and life you both would have with him.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:15 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • If you want something serious, stay away from 19 year old boys. Women mature much faster than men, on average we mature 3-5 years faster than our counterparts. A 19 year old boy will be nothing but a let down in a new relationship when you already have a child.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:18 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • Do not introduce your child until you know for sure that he is in for the long haul. It is not right to let different people form attachments with your child and vs versa and have that person take off

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:20 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • Maybe the looking is causing the problem. If you stop looking for something 9 times out of 10 you will find it without looking. Its just there.Its the same with people, if you aren't looking maybe he will just drop in on you☺

    Answer by Kat122 at 6:13 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

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