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What can I do to give me more energy? Im always so wiped out no matter how much sleep I get.

I fall asleep at work...I sleep at home.....I am always tired. My son is only a toddler and is picking up my bad habit. Coffee doesnt even keep me awake.....what should I do? This is tearing me up inside because I don't want my son to be like me. I feel like a horrible parent, a horrible employee, a horrible person.


Asked by Joshiesxmama at 8:41 AM on Mar. 22, 2009 in Health

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Answers (7)
  • I would talk to your DR about it but YES vitamins. Also eat healthy (if you aren't already). This is a great start!! Oh and coffee is YUMMY and I drink it daily but it is a downer not an upper. it only helps temporarily. I have 1 to 2 cups then I'm onto water NO SODA just water. Try drinking LOTS more water (again if you aren't already). GOOD LUCK!!!

    Answer by rocamom at 8:55 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • Try Vitamins and definitely go to the doctor to check your iron level it might below...Goodluck :)

    Answer by starestrada at 8:43 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • Make sure you get enough sleep at night. Give yourself some me time before bed to relax. The OP are also correct the Vitamin B family are the energy producers. Certain things can deplete the "B" vitamins such as drinking wine. Try to stay on somewhat of a schedule and get a little bit of exercise everyday even if it is just some yoga stretches. If all else fails you may have a sleep disorder.

    Answer by MACY7108 at 9:02 AM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • bump

    Answer by Joshiesxmama at 1:00 PM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • Any doctor will tell you that the best way to up your energy level is to eat right and exersize regularly.

    Answer by Marwill at 5:40 PM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • Could you have A Sleep Disorder? Sleep Apnea perhaps? Does it run in your Family? Any heavy Snorers or You? If this is new or out of the ordinary for you? Get this Checked! A Sleep Study Etc... A Good physical Exam!! You are Not A Horrible.. Anything.. There has to be something Wrong Health wise.. Stress.. Etc... Get thoroughly checked out! Do Set Good Schedules for proper Rest & Sleep too! But do get checked out! Something isn't right!! Once you get back to the ol' You! You'll be Happy & Relieved! Every one will be!!

    Answer by Angellinda at 5:57 PM on Mar. 22, 2009

  • I've seen a difference in my energy level since I started to drink green's natural, caffine free, sugar free and has no side effects. I can actually get through a whole program on TV withough falling asleep now. Oh...there's a bonus....I lost a couple of pounds too.(because I have more energy, I burn more calories).

    Answer by Noosh at 11:27 AM on Mar. 23, 2009