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How clingy is TOO clingy for an 11-Month old?

To just give a little feedback, my daughter was born 6 weeks early. I'm a SAHM. We have been co-sleeping with her since a week after she was born. No matter where we go in the house (specifically me since my husband is in the military and has been going on dets/deployments more lately) she is on our heels. She has to be hanging on to you. If we distract her with a toy, leave the room, and she notices we are gone, she begins to cry/whine until she has crawled around and found you.

I know that me being a SAHM may have something to do with her excessive clingyness (I've never been away from her for more than a few hours and that is RARE). I'm hoping I can gain some insight on how to break the clingyness so that I may be able to get things done around the house and be able to leave her with a friend or babysistter?



Asked by Anonymous at 9:09 PM on Mar. 24, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (7)
  • Since your daughter was born 6 weeks early, her adjusted age is 9 1/2 months old. Around 9 months old is the age they develop separation anxiety. It is just a phase and it won't last forever. Just reassure her that you are still there, that it's okay. My son is going through this as well, and he is 9 months old. He screams and cries every time I leave the room. He wants me next to him all the time, and follows me wherever I go. He doesn't want anyone but mommy. Don't stress about it. Let her cry if you have to, but continually reassure her and show her patience and affection.

    Answer by ShadesofGrey at 12:36 AM on Mar. 25, 2009

  • I think when you co sleep with you child you are kind of asking for extra clingyness. but at 11 mnths my daughter didnt like being left alone either, she was very clingy but when she turned abt 2 she became very independent. She is rarely in the same room as us now.

    Answer by Kbmancine at 9:15 PM on Mar. 24, 2009

  • I have my son in daycare and he also seems to be clingy. I find it more of a rare occassion when he is entertained by himself ( I think it is a phase they go through as they reach the 10-12 month mark. They just seem to want to be with mommy/daddy at this age. At least he doesn't cry when I leave him at daycare; that would break my heart.

    Answer by gwood at 9:15 PM on Mar. 24, 2009

  • See if there is a MOMS Club, MOPS (moms of preschoolers), etc... that you can join. Being around other people and other infants may help her become more outgoing. Not all co slept babies become clingy either...none of our three are clingy after co sleeping.

    Answer by marbear98 at 9:19 PM on Mar. 24, 2009

  • My dr told me its a phase b/c my daughter is 9 months and is doing the same thing. I work at the daycare she goes to which helps a little but it's bad when she hears my voice and wont stop screaming till I come and see I hope she gets out of this phase soon.

    Answer by Madelyn_Marie at 9:25 PM on Mar. 24, 2009

  • Ok so if this is a phase how long does it last cause my dd and I are in the same situation but she's only six months!

    Answer by Liz132 at 10:10 PM on Mar. 24, 2009

  • My son is 10 1/2 months and he is the same way. He's been like this since he was 9 months. I'm also a stay at home mom and my husband is gone most of the day. When I'm busy or trying to do something, it may sound mean, but I just have to ignore him. It doesn't take him long to see that he is not going to get his way so he will just go off and play. I really can't have him be too clingy to me because we are expecting in ten weeks. I don't know anything else to do. I don't ignore him everytime though because I don't want him to feel neglected but when you got things to do you can't just drop them and not get anything done. I'm pretty sure it's a phase cuz it sounds like a lot of people have the same problem.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:52 PM on Mar. 24, 2009