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Who hates their husbands ex wife more and why?

I DO I DO I DO...because one minute she's gone and wants nothing to do with anyone including her daugther then the next she wants to claim the rights of a mother and be involved in everything - we got along fine without her for these years no one needs her abusive psychotic ass around here now darn it!


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Asked by Praying at 11:30 PM on Mar. 24, 2009 in Relationships

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  • Hate is a very strong word. My ex husband's wife does not like me either. Why, I have no idea. I divorced him. But anyway, I would still shutter to think that someone actually "hates" me. That's just spooky and creepy. If your ex and her have children together, she will ALWAYS be in the picture, as she is the child's mother. All I can tell you is you knew the situation before you got involved. Now, stop the drama and figure out how to all get along together like normal, civilized human beings.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:33 PM on Mar. 24, 2009

  • My hubs was smart and picked the right wife the first time. Unfortunately it doesn't leave any ex for me to hate. So that kind of sucks too :)

    Answer by munch12502 at 11:34 PM on Mar. 24, 2009

  • Look anon, read my whole post. The PROBLEM is that she isn't ALWAYS in the picture, the problem is she picks when she wants to be in the picture and when to tell her daughter she never wants to talk to her again for a MONTH at a time...

    If I could just be a part time stepmom and parent when she came to visit that would be one thing, but I am this childs primary parent, the one she tells everyone is her mom including teachers and doctors.

    It's so obnoxious that I take care of her 100% and BM just thinks she can show up and be golden lol

    If one more person tells me you knew before you got involved I may up and jump through the computer screen. I did not know BM was abusive (neither did DH) before I got involved, I did not know BM would thow sd out at 11 yrs old forcing me to become her mother figure, I did NOT know she'd keep us in court 4 4 yrs for life insurance, HELL no I did not know...that makes a good slogan !!

    Answer by Praying at 11:44 PM on Mar. 24, 2009

  • Munch, grats :)

    Answer by Praying at 11:45 PM on Mar. 24, 2009

  • I am right there with ya I hate my DFs ex, she is the exact epitome of what you would call a psycho babies mamma, not only talking crap about me and DF in general but our son too, I cannot stand the chick I wished she would grow the hell up and quit being a vengful bitch and think about whats best for her kids instead

    Answer by hautemama83 at 12:05 AM on Mar. 25, 2009

  • I get why your venting. It's so hard to watch the woman who's supposed to love her daughter more than anything hurt her over and over like that. Especially when you care so much about the child. Just keep fighting the good fight and keep things as stable for her as you can.

    Mom has issues. Don't hate her, feel sorry for her. Not for her sake, but for your own. I know it's hard(had more than a few issues with my DH's ex kids between them, thank goodness). You don't need the stress, and that's part of mom's game. Taking the hooks that they get into us out can be painful. Once they're gone though...yeah baby! It makes life a whole lot easier.

    Now, let's talk about my ex's current wife...*growl* Still working on that one!!!

    Hope you and DH can find some kind of solution to this so that your SD can flourish and thrive in the happy life you make for her.

    Answer by desert_diva at 12:11 AM on Mar. 25, 2009

  • I do because my husband has a lot of problems emoitonally and his ex wives have done most of the damage I sure that he wasnt innocent in their divorce but Im left dealing with his problems they caused. I live thier mistakes

    Answer by Proudmammaof9 at 12:48 AM on Mar. 25, 2009

  • Wow!! This makes me so happy that Im not divorced. First off I could not stand the fact that the man that I was once was in love with and will probably always love is with another women who is living under the same roof as my children every other weekend or what ever. I know my husband would feel the same way though. Its hard for exs to get along period I think. My husbands last girlfreind and I could not stand eachother for a while but 6 yrs later we get along so well. Were even thinking about having her and new boyfriend over for dinner. And Im sorry but for someone to tell you that you knew what you were getting your self into is somewhat true. Yeah maybe you didnt know that she was going to come in and out of the picture but marrying someone who has children from a previouse marriage is not always going to be easy. Think of it as a very big challenge. Good luck to you though!

    Answer by LANDENSMOMMYlmk at 12:52 AM on Mar. 25, 2009

  • My poweres of jumping through the computer screen have failed, thought ya'll should know, it doesn't work :)

    Only a stepparent really knows you don't know what you were getting into hehe. Just like you tell a teanager they don't KNOW what they're doing to the rest of their lives, you can't have the perspective until you're there.

    Actually I love my SD excrutiatingly. I just wish her BM would make up her mind and stay and be a good BM, or go and let us parent, instead of thrwarting our family back and forth.

    SD is now visiting BM every other Saturday - so she's pretty much with us all the time - the more time she spends w/ BM, the more she cries at night.

    Answer by Praying at 12:57 AM on Mar. 25, 2009

  • not me. thats why i refused to marry a man with kids or an ex wife i didnt want the drama

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:04 AM on Mar. 25, 2009

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