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Newborn sleeping

I am sure someone has asked this and I looked back through a few pages and didnt find anything recent so I will ask now. I have a one month old and she seems to have her nights and days messed up. I do everything the doctor has told me to do. Keep her out with everyone with lights on, dont keep it quite, play with her during her awake times...things like that. At night I give her last bottle in the dark, I dont talk to her, I dont give her eye contact, we have a routine every night. but she wake up about 1 in the morning to eat (I repeat everything I wrote before) but she is wide awake afterwards till about 5-6 in the morning. Then she will sleep till about noon. I have tried everything I know of to get her to sleep during the night and not the day. Any tips or advice would be great. What has worked for you?


Asked by vickwu at 3:58 PM on Mar. 26, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (4)
  • i know this may sound cruel, but what i have seen work, and i even had to do it 1 time, was carefully as to not shake her, but turn her head over heals, i have seen it work, i don't know how, and drs will tell you not to, but like i said i have seen it work and on more than one kid. it kinda like resets there body clocks. the kids that i have seen it work on were sleeping all day, and awake ALL night. once it was done they switched in one day.

    Answer by mommything03 at 4:15 PM on Apr. 7, 2009

  • prettymuch the opposite has worked for me... i breastfeed but that doesnt matter, i feed her and let her lay on me while feeding her, i talk to her and make eye contact and sing her a lullaby and tickle her hair and she falls asleep and then i lay her next to me and shes out for a good few hours.. last 2 nights shes slept through the whole night

    Answer by MomNbabyGirl009 at 4:02 PM on Mar. 26, 2009

  • What I did, was during the day I woke my son up for his bottles. LIke if he was sleeping and he ate every 3 hours I would go change his diaper, which usually woke him up and Id feed him. And then at night I wouldnt wake him. Id wait for him to start crying then I would feed him and maybe try cuddling in bed with her, or a swing. Its hard, but she will get her hours straight sooner or later. I got lucky with mine he started sleeping through the night at about 6 weeks old. But every baby is different.

    Answer by ashtonjames at 4:03 PM on Mar. 26, 2009

  • My princess is going to be 18 months so it seems so long since she was born. But if I remember that she had her days and nights mixed up as all newborns do. But there would be times she'd wake up at 12 or 1a and wouldn't go back to sleep til 5:30a. It was so hard to do but I'd wake her up again at 9:30a otherwise she'd sleep til noon like yours. Then I'd play with her, carry her around while I did things to try to keep her up for a while and she'd probably fall back to sleep at around 11a. I'd let her sleep for like 3 to 4 hours again and then wake her up for another d.c and feeding then try to keep her wake for as long as possible and around 7 or 8p or so give her a bath. Bathtime always calmed her down BIG time and before I knew it she'd be asleep. I don't know if you have a swaddle blanket but it saved my life because she always slept better without it. After a while she pretty much started sleeping through the night! :]

    Answer by beautifulinlove at 4:45 PM on Mar. 26, 2009