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How do I know that I am having a healthy and real pregnancy?


All begun, when I started having periods pain symptoms. I thought I was going to have my periods but after 3 days of late periods, I decided to buy a home pregnancy test. It tested positive so the same day I went to a gynecologist.
He asked me questions like when did I have my last period etc.. Instead of doing a blood test or urine test, he introduced his fingers into my vagina and then he confirmed my pregnancy and told me to come back in a month.
How can a doctor confirm pregnancy just with his fingers?

I am now 3 weeks pregnant, I guess. Yesterday night,I had a few very very light blood vaginal fluid but it stopped, is it normal?

Please I need some help ASAP.

Thank you



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Asked by sammy455 at 8:20 AM on Mar. 27, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • What the ob looks for is the uterus, and how it feels. There are certain things he can feel. Although it is not common to bleed during pregnancy, but it does happen. Some women can even have regular periods all the way up to their due date. But when you do bleed this early in the pregnancy, I would definitely suggest to get in to see your obgyn. Better safe than sorry. Good luck.


    Answer by Reggie2 at 8:26 AM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • Thanks Reggie2,

    As soon as I got this light bleeding, I called him and he said I shouldn't worry and told me to see him on Monday.
    Is it normal to feel the same symptoms like the periods pain?
    When do you think it will be a right time for an ultrasound? after a month?



    Answer by sammy455 at 8:58 AM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • It's not your uterus the Dr. was checking, there's no way to get to it through the cervix. It's the cervix he was checking. During early pregnancy, the cervix closes tighter and becomes blue in color. Cervical mucus also tends to change during during early pregnancy, so the cervical mucus would begin increasing due to hormonal fluctuation and blood flow to the uterus.
    Spotting is normal in the beginning of pregnancy, I spotted wit all 4 of mine, as well as had a bit of cramping, which can also be normal. If, though you experience heavy bleeding with very painful cramping, you should call your OB. Best Wishes.


    Answer by BlessedMommy64 at 9:23 AM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • Before I took the pregnancy test I had some cramping and thought I was going to get my period at any time. So I think that is normal. The cramping wasn't too bad, not as bad as when I do get my period (when not on the pill - on the pill, I have no cramping). I had an ultrasound at week 8 for them to get a better idea of how far along I was. It wasn't the one where they check all the major organs and determine the sex. I haven't had that one, yet. Not until week 22 at my women's clinic.

    Answer by Christina807 at 9:23 AM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • yes, sounds normal, as said above. He was checking to feel if your cervix was CLOSED. That means preggers. Spotting and light cramps are normal. If it turns to red and flowing like a period or painful ( like you want a painkiller) then those are not good signs. Usually ultra sounds aren't til later, exceptions for high risk pregnancy. Best of luck and congrats!

    Answer by Skyler11978 at 1:08 PM on Mar. 29, 2009

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