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how many of you had your 6 month old sleeping through the night??

my baby is six month old i dont know what to do he stays up at 1 to 2 am and wide awake. I get so tired and he is very loud at night. (he talks all night) when finally i get him to sleep he wakes up 3 hours later. I dont know what to do any one have any suggestions or any one gone through this them selves and is it normal?

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Asked by caspers_mommy at 2:57 PM on Mar. 27, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • Yep.. Mine does and did the same thing. For us it was a hit or miss some nights he would sleep all night long and it was wonderful. Then the next night he would be up every 3 hours or so.. He's now 7 months old and still does it sometimes. I think they are just hungry little boys. I have just accepted it.. My doctor tells me all the time he should be sleeping all night but if my babies hungry I feed him and he still wakes up to sleep.. Every baby is different.

    Answer by TristansMommy16 at 3:09 PM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • Yes... my son was sleeping through the night by 4 months or so. During the day it is so important to let them nap but not for long. Keep them up as long as possible. They will eventually crash at night. Also, night time has to be night time. No TV or lights on. At 6 months when he wakes up don't play with him or anything. Feed him. change him. put him back to bed. period. No type of interaction. I know it's hard but that's the only way that they will get the routine.

    Answer by NJMom2Tyler at 3:09 PM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • My daughter didn't sleep thru the night until she was 18 months. Talk about tired!!!

    Answer by mommy2karsyn at 3:39 PM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • I was having this problem for awhile. What helped me is I would let her take a couple of short naps during the day maybe 30 minutes and I would feed her an 8 oz bottle and a jar of baby food so she would have a full stomach. Now she goes to sleep at about 11 and wakes up about 10. Were night owls so thats why she goes to sleep a little late. I used to let her sleep whenever she wanted it really helped to cut down on the naps. Good luck

    Answer by drs1206 at 4:09 PM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • Alexie started sleeping through the night at 3 months old, Maggie you need to get Casper on a schedule!

    Answer by JustinsWife4507 at 4:10 PM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • My daughter started sleeping the whole night from 8-to-8 when she 3 months old... I'm from south america, and in my country pediatricians recommend you put your baby in his own room when he or she is 3 months... with a baby monitor of course. I did that and we all get a good night sleep from that day till now (she's 18 months now)

    Answer by PilyFernandez at 4:12 PM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • ps> another thing... daytime naps are also good for this... let them nap for as long as they want but not to close to bedtime, for example, my baby napped at 10:00 till 12:00, then from 14:00 to 16:00... and you know what? if they nap longer, don't wake them up... it's medical proven that babies that get a good nap, get better sleep at night ;)

    Answer by PilyFernandez at 4:14 PM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • I've had one who slept through at 6 months, and my second is still waking up once at 7 months. But yikes... I think you probably have an overtired baby on your hands and overtired DOESN'T lead to sleeping long stretches. 1 or 2 am is way too late. I'm guessing you have been trying things to get him down to bed, but IMO that is the problem. Even if he doesn't "seem" tired during the day, I would start soothing him to sleep after 2-3 hours of awake time. You could check out the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. He addresses the overtired problem and offers some good suggestions.

    Answer by EmilySusan at 4:36 PM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • My daughter was sleeping through the night before two months. I guess I was lucky! How long is he awake during the day? How many naps does he take? Try a night time routine; for example: bath, feeding & read him a book. Get him calm and lay him in his bed around the time you would like for him to be asleep. If he wines just let him for a few minutes, don't pick him up right away. Each night let him go a little longer, he might catch on it's bed time. Also you can try to get him on a two nap a day schedule if he isn't already. It might help with his sleep at night. My daughter is 7 months. She wakes up at 7am takes two 1 to 2 hour naps a day, goes to bed around 8pm.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:52 PM on Mar. 27, 2009

  • Luck has nothing to do with good sleeping habits- by 5 months he should be on a schedule. Babies thrive on knowing that their parents have everything under control. From wake time, feeding time, nap times and bad time, all these things need to start to line up for you and your son on a daily basis. Dim the lights at night, have quiet activity like walking and singing or humming maybe a bath and then a set bedtime. It will be hard for a few days, but once he knows you have everything under control he will respond positively!! Wake him up at the same time everyday put him down for a nap 2-2 1/2/ hours after waking. Do this again after he wakes up for his nap. Keep the routine up and I guarantee he will sleep!!! Both mine did by 4 months which is when they can rely on themselves more to put themselves to sleep. Put him down DROWSY but not asleep-this is KEY!! Good luck!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:58 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

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