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Should I go back to him?? Advice please :)

So I'm 8 months pregnant and my fiancee and I broke up about a month ago and we were dating for 2 years... I fell out of love for him and got tired of him always ignoring me and a friend of his told me he cheated and so on... well apparently that friend lied because he had feelings for me but anyways I finally talked to my ex for the first time tonight and he says he misses/loves me etc. and wants to talk about us getting back together..... I'm worried that if I don't go back I'll regret it but I'm also worried that if I go back I'll be right back where I started.... what should I do??

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:47 AM on Mar. 28, 2009 in Relationships

Answers (8)
  • well, where did you start? Seriously....being pregnant makes you feel and think all kinds of crazy stuff! He might have just been steering clear of your mood swings. But, if you love him...and he loves you and ya'll miss each other I say give it another go. You don't wanna just be a baby momma do you? Or him to just be a baby daddy...You both owe it to the little baby inside of you to try and give him a nice, stable, loving enviroment.

    Answer by ChaoticSoul at 1:50 AM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • I agree. you should give it a second chance. Pregnancy hormones will really mess with you, your feelings, and emotions. I would give it another try. Great advice Chaotic.

    Answer by pajamk at 1:53 AM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • Give him a second chance but DO NOT stay together just for the baby. If it's not a good relationship that can be the worst thing for a kid.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:40 AM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • you need to right down what u expect from him and how u feel about everything and if he can't be what you need for you and ur baby then just stay friends... with this method the ball is in his court but if he tries and fails still give him a little credit

    Answer by Jan0609momma at 5:37 AM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • Sometimes a break between 2 people make them see things they usually wouldn't.Only you can answer this question. Do you think things will be better or are you just hoping they will?Another thing, that guy that told you this stuff, wasn't really your fiancees friend at all.He was using this to his advantage and unfortunately you let him. Pregnancy does strange things to women and makes them feel things they usually wouldn't.If you want to get back together, instead of just doing it, why don't you start dating again, see how things work out, and then go from there. Don't just jump right back in, give yourself a chance to work.If you can't work it out, at least you can say you tried.

    Answer by Kat122 at 6:40 AM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • I would at least give him another chance. Harmonal change in prwegnancy can be tricky

    Answer by lily7 at 7:12 AM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • Those hormones make you and him both new people. I was wishing I could hide from myself during one of my pregnancies, the mood swings were horrible. Me personally I'd ask myself to sit and think it out while I was having a rational moment and see if his good outweighs his bad that were the problems you had with him. Is he willing to work on problems too? Once the baby is born and you see him holding him/her you're not going to want to take the baby away from him, so you really need to think about this now before the baby is born and he's living in the same house with them. On the other hand, once that baby is born you're going to need or atleast want some help and hopefully he's the type that would give it to you (I wasn't allowed to even hold a mop or broom after my last one was born, was harder pregnancy).
    Good luck in whatever you decide :)

    Answer by lisa_ann_p at 8:13 AM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • Before getting back together talk about the things that bothered you both about the relationship/other person. Write it down in a letter. Or if you can talk about it without fighting, that would be good too. Talk about what each of you can do to make it better this time. Work out real solutions. And take it slow. If you just get back together and don't do this, nothing will change. Be prepared to WORK. Because a relationship is hard work, especially with a baby.

    Answer by Allie428 at 4:57 PM on Mar. 29, 2009

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