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How would you feel if someone youwere accquanances, just popped her breast out (in your house, full of YOUR friends) and breastfed her child?

Without covering up? Without going in a separate room?

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:02 PM on Mar. 28, 2009 in General Parenting

Answers (27)
  • I wouldn't care even if I didn't know the woman at all.

    If she was in the mall or a resturant I would prefer her to put a thin cover up on.


    Answer by dakotaNrye at 12:06 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • Actually I retort the comment about the mall, I think it is better to breastfeed an infant in one of those nasty bacteria ridden public bathrooms.

    Answer by dakotaNrye at 12:07 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • Kid has to eat. It is unfortunate that she didn't take others into consideration when she did that, but it is what it is. At least you weren't out at a nice restaurant and she did it right on the table, lol.

    Answer by 2-1CavWife at 12:09 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • whats the problem it's only natural,, but she should have a small cover up

    Answer by mirit.rose at 12:10 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • To edit this further, I had a house full of men. None that knew her, aside from my husband. I understand its a natural thing. I offered her to go into my room to feed her daughter, or at least a baby blanket (because we were trying to hold a conversation with her). I don't mind breast feeding mothers, I have never had the experience of having baby to chest, but I did pump for them... in my room with the door closed. I just feel that it is a bonding experience between mother and child... and it should be just that... between mother and child....

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:10 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • If she didn't cover up that's just rude. I'm all for breastfeeding, just being discreet about it though. I don't think she has to go to a seperate room though. How would you feel if you were enjoying conversation among friends and someone told you that you had to get up and go to a separate room because you mix your potatoes and corn together to eat and it makes them uncomfortable to watch?

    I understand breastfeeding makes some people uneasy, but that is society's fault not the breastfeeding mother or child. It's a natural thing. I believe that, yes, she should have covered up but she should not be asked to go to another room.

    Was there a blanket handy? You know not many new moms get a chance to get out the first year, so maybe she wasn't even thinking about a blanket as this is second nature for her to do. She just may not have realized her actions made you uncomfortable. Talk to her and tell her your feelings.

    Answer by CinderAmethyst at 12:12 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • But it is more than a bonding moment, it is the child's force of nutrients. Breastfeeding your child to sleep at night is a "bonding" thing.

    I think she should have used a small cover up, but I would have never asked her to leave. I personally would have asked if it was ok, and not assumed. Here is my question though, if she didn't know anyone but you and your husband and she is only an accquantance, why was she even at your house?

    Answer by dakotaNrye at 12:15 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • I didn't ASK her to leave... I offered her a private room with her child... after all she was an aqqaitence, and i didn't know what her preference was and maybe she THOUGHT that was her only option.
    She is a mother of 3 children, the oldest is 5. So I know this isn't her first go around and she was at the house because she is a military mom that just moved out here to be with her mother since her husband is stationed abroad.... maybe i am just making more out of this than I should.
    I am a mother of 4 children, and just was prolly making more out of this than I should have.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:24 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • Well, I think it is just common courtesy to ask if anyone minds you breastfeeding. I ask. Or Ishe could have asked if there is somewhere private that she could go to breastfeed. But that is just me. I have no problem with women in my mommies group who come over breastfeeding but they all ask before they do.

    Answer by MommaM2 at 12:24 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

  • I think its rude & I would never do it. Even in front of family (except at home with just hubby & the kids) I make sure I am totally covered before he even latches on! No one wants to see my breast popped out.. how uncomfortable would that make them feel!! I thinks he should of covered up. It dosent bother the baby to be covered for 10 mins.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:24 PM on Mar. 28, 2009

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