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Hello we have been having sex everyday but a few starting day after my period went away what are the chances of maybe me being pregnant I heard that if your vagina contracts when the man ejaculates at the same time as you that help to bring the sperm closer to your cervix .

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Asked by Anonymous at 5:08 PM on Mar. 30, 2009 in Trying to Conceive

Answers (5)
  • If your trying to have a baby just get busy as much as you can and relax or fall asleep after dont get up to show or any thing after
    If your evoiding them then use a condom or anticonceptive Meds
    If yoru going to get pregnant its going to happend regardless of the day ,position ,

    Answer by hush84 at 5:11 PM on Mar. 30, 2009

  • No one unless they are an expert on these things can tell you your chances exactly. When anyone has sex there is a chance they will get pregnant. Unless they are sterile of course. I know you really want to become pregnant but I heard a couple of days after your period ends thats the time you start ovulating or something.

    Answer by diamondmamma at 5:12 PM on Mar. 30, 2009

  • If you want to know when you're ovulating, there are three signs you can track:

    1) BASAL BODY TEMPERATURE - you buy a special thermometer, and take your temp first thing in the morning. When you ovulate, your temp will go up at least 3/10 of a degree. When t's been up for three days, you've ovulated.

    2) CERVICAL FLUID - That's the discharge from your cervix. If you check it throughout the month, you'll probably notice the consistency changing. Around the time you ovulate, it gets more slippery and you can kind of sretch it between your fingers. That provides an environment where sperm can survive till they do their thing.

    3) CERVICAL POSITION - Around the time you ovulate, your cervix softens, rises, and opens.

    I used this tracking system as birth control for two and a half years, so I can give you more info if you want it.

    NOTE: I'm not a doctor; I don't even play one on tv. :)

    Answer by Katze at 5:22 PM on Mar. 30, 2009

  • I don't think there's really any truth to that.

    I think it's just a matter of the right timing on everything
    just relax it will happen!

    Good Luck!

    Answer by Sillylins at 5:48 PM on Mar. 30, 2009

  • When I got preg. w/ my 1st son I got a light period for a day or so and then it stopped. Then I found out I was pregnant.

    Answer by MommaM2 at 6:18 PM on Mar. 30, 2009

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