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my 5 month old cry sleeps!! is this normal?

when he sleeps at night he whins, tosses and turns, and even cries very sharply and loudly. it starles me so i get up and check on him but he is dead asleep. he sleeps about 8 hours a night so maybe he gets hungry but is still tired so goes back to sleep??? i have even watched him cry and he doesnt open his eyes. does this happen to anyone else?

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:40 PM on Apr. 1, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (5)
  • I remember my dd having "nightmarish" cries around 5mo old.. they went away.
    could that be what he is doing? I dont know if she was really having a bad dream or not but it made me feel so bad for her.

    Answer by MommaTasha1003 at 9:41 PM on Apr. 1, 2009

  • yea he is probably just dreaming as long as you feel that he is safe and healthy i would say it is normal. My daughter used to do that but only for about a month and then it passed. I hope this helps:) Have a great night.

    Answer by brees3 at 9:42 PM on Apr. 1, 2009

  • My son still does this and he is 4. He has done it since he was a little baby. The first couple of times it happened, I got so scared. Then I started to just massage his back and say calming things to him and that kinda thing. It seems to help them go away faster.

    Answer by spiritguide_23 at 9:53 PM on Apr. 1, 2009

  • My little girl is only 13 weeks old, but she talks and grunts and kinda whimpers in her sleep a lot. Sometimes it's because she's actually laying awake in there but not crying so she's entertaining herself, but most of the time she just does it in her sleep. I think it's kind of like dreaming for them. Their mind is replaying the things that they've learned and know how to do. They know how to cry and babble and etc, so they dream about it, and vocalize it. JMO, but that's what I think it is anyways. :-)

    Answer by srhmldndo at 10:55 PM on Apr. 1, 2009

  • Mine does that as well. It took us awhile to realize that she was still asleep while crying. We were actually picking her up and talking to her until she was awake, which was doing more harm than good! LOL I now just try to soothe her without picking her up.

    Answer by LKRA at 11:22 AM on Apr. 2, 2009

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