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I hate to ask this, but...

Ok, so me and my boyfriend havent had sex in a month, which is good. We haven't because we can't seem to agree on a birth control method. He thinks pulling out is ok, and I think it's pointless. Anyway, I'm thinking about getting back on the pill. I know we're going to have sex again and most likely we won't be using the pull out method. Did you have bad side effects on the pill? I've taken it before but was only on it for about three months, so I didn't experience anything bad. I won't get an IUD, i've heard very disturbing things about them. I don't like the idea of putting a chemical in my body, when the long term effects aren't known. But I don't think we have any other choices. Condoms take away from it, for me not him.

Any way..any ideas?


Asked by sarapurser at 9:24 PM on Apr. 5, 2009 in Health

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Answers (9)
  • The pullout method is not a good choice for birth controll. You should see your doctor and discuss your options with him/her. I agree that condoms suck!

    Answer by ronjwake at 1:33 AM on Apr. 6, 2009

  • okay we use pull out and it works for is all about control and timing.if you time it right it is a good method to use

    Answer by three-for-now at 9:32 PM on Apr. 5, 2009

  • I didn't like being on the pill. I was moody all the time and I gained a lot of weight. You could possibly use a diaphram, or spermicide, they have these little "nets" that the female can put inside her before you have sex. there are other ways. try to research a bit on your other options. there are more than just condoms, pill, patch, IUD, shot or "pulling out". By the way, you're right about the pulling out method. In case your bf does NOT know about this you need to inform him. Most males have sperm count in their precum, so you still have a chance of getting careful, good luck!

    Answer by Adeline1210 at 9:35 PM on Apr. 5, 2009

  • EXACTLY!! I know the pull out method doesn't work for that reason. It pisses me off when people think it's an actual form of birth control. My boyfriend knows it too, but he doesn't know what I want to do, so that's his only idea. He's not pressuring me to do anything, I want to do this so I dont' get pregnant.

    Answer by sarapurser at 9:39 PM on Apr. 5, 2009

  • We use the pull out method when we don't want to get pregnant, that along with watching my dates for when I ovulate. During that time we just don't have sex. It works for us. The pill made me sick. I had a lot of stomach problems and also gained weight.

    Answer by JamieLK at 9:42 PM on Apr. 5, 2009

  • I would do birth control if I were you, since you're ruling out the pull-out method and condoms.

    DH and I use condoms and pulling-out. I hate birth control and decided I wasn't going back on it. I could never remember to take the pill everyday, plus my period came for two weeks in the beginning. I was on the NuvaRing for a while (which I HIGHLY recommend, it's awesome!), but it was over $50 a month under my insurance and I couldn't afford it anymore.

    Answer by ap9902 at 10:07 PM on Apr. 5, 2009

  • I've never used the pill. Me and my DF have NEVER used a condom in the four years we've been together. And surprisingly we are only on our second baby =] but if i were you i would talk to your doctor about all forms of BC because there is more than just the pill, and condoms. Theres a Nuva Ring, which I used with a previous relationship that worked with no side effects, for me. There's also the depo shot but i heard that it makes you gain weight. I guess if you are eating right and working out regularly though you wouldnt gain weight. Hmmm. Well again, I think you should talk to your doctor and tell him/her about your concerns and thoughts and together figure out what would work best for you =]

    Answer by mommykayti at 10:12 PM on Apr. 5, 2009

  • No pulling out dont always work for people because me and my kids father has two of our kis from pulling out have you tried the epo shot i get that an its fine only thing with that is sometimes you get a perio sometimes you dont.

    Answer by paige87 at 10:23 PM on Apr. 5, 2009

  • Pull out worked for us and we are on year #9, 2 kids-that were planned

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:55 PM on Apr. 5, 2009