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stupid laws...

ok i'm here are some stupid laws the state of VA or the city Va Beach...what are some of yours?

# o animal may be hunted for on Sunday with the exception of raccoons, which may be hunted until 2:00 AM.
# Not only is it illegal to have sex with the lights on, one may not have sex in any position other than missionary.
# There is a state law prohibiting "corrupt practices of bribery by any person other than candidates."
# You may not engage in business on Sundays, with the exception of almost every industry.
# If one is not married, it is illegal for him to have sexual relations.
# You may not have oral or anal sex.
# Driving while not wearing shoes is prohibited.
# Police radar detectors are illegal.
# Citizens must honk their horn while passing other cars.
# Children are not to go trick-or-treating on Halloween.
# It is illegal to tickle women.

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Asked by vabchmommy at 2:33 AM on Apr. 8, 2009 in Just for Fun

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  • Virginia Beach

    * If you are drunk and not driving your car, and the person who is driving the car is drunk as well, you may both receive DUI's.
    * It is illegal for a person to ride on the handlebars of a bike.
    * It is illegal to use profanity on Atlantic Avenue or the boardwalk.
    * It is also unlawful to drive by the same place within 30 minutes on Atlantic Avenue.

    (atlantic avenue is "the strip" of beach where all the bars and tourist shops are...people like to "cruise the strip" and drive up and down for no reason other than to check other people out and show off their cars, did it every weekend as a teen, they made this law a few years ago and actually enforce it! alot!)

    Answer by vabchmommy at 2:34 AM on Apr. 8, 2009

  • w/e about the se* i want to see a link to that one!

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:42 AM on Apr. 8, 2009

  • Children are not to go trick-or-treating on Halloween.
    It is illegal to tickle women.
    You may not have oral or anal sex

    WTF EVER! They can not tell you cant have anal or oral NO ONE CAN!

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:44 AM on Apr. 8, 2009


    this is where i got these. and yes i've heard them all before so they are real. trust me VA is the stupidest state ever! Its a joke with my husband and I that the whole state is gonna end up in jail (including the judges who put us there) unless they are still virgins

    Answer by vabchmommy at 2:54 AM on Apr. 8, 2009

  • Driving while not wearing shoes is prohibited I am guilty there lol.
    Not being able to tickle women. Man my dh and I would have a boring life

    Answer by pinkanfgrl at 2:57 AM on Apr. 8, 2009

  • Alabama
    It is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle.
    Dominoes may not be played on Sunday.

    You may not drive barefooted.

    It is illegal to impersonate a person of the clergy.

    Women are able to retain all property they owned prior to marriage in the case of divorce. However, this provision does not apply to men.

    Masks may not be worn in public.

    Putting salt on a railraod track may be punishable by death.

    Boogers may not be flicked into the wind.

    Bear wrestling matches are prohibited.

    It is legal to drive the wrong way down a one-way street if you have a lantern attached to the front of your automobile.

    Men may not spit in front of women.

    First cousin marriages ARE legal.

    It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church

    You may not have an ice cream cone in your back poc

    Answer by katzmeow726 at 3:00 AM on Apr. 8, 2009

  • Sorry to say but I looked at the laws in my state and this is FAKE!

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:24 AM on Apr. 8, 2009

  • ummm. the VA laws are correct....i've heard these laws and seen them in print at court houses and lawyers offices. so maybe you just didn't know about them, or maybe they got your state wrong.

    alabama...the whole woman gets to keep her stuff thats just funny

    Answer by vabchmommy at 3:27 AM on Apr. 8, 2009

  • I believe them.. when I was little there was a book about it.. crazy laws are for crazy people or something like that.. I loved reading all about it. Cna't rememver any of them now.. dam pain meds.

    Answer by kristal2146 at 4:03 AM on Apr. 8, 2009

  • I also live in Virginia and can vouche to the validity of the posted VA laws, especially the ones posted for the Atlantic boardwalk.

    I am a native of Maine and thought it would be fun to look those laws up:
    *Shotguns are required to be taken to church in the event of a Native American attack.
    *You may not step out of a plane in flight.
    *After January 14th, you will be charged a fine for having your Christmas decorations still up.
    *It is illegal to expectorate from any 2nd-story window [Freeport].
    *It is illegal to park in front of Dunkin Donuts [South Berwick].
    *Advertisements may not be placed in cemetaries [Wells].
    *Shoelaces must be tied while walking down the street [Portland].
    *It's unlawful to tickle a woman's chin with a feather duster [Portland].

    Answer by PrydferthMenyw at 8:15 AM on Apr. 8, 2009

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