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15 month old.. and time out

My 15 month old daughter is acting up, i think its because we are about to have a new baby... and she doesnt have ALL our attention anymore.

Im hoping its not going to get worse, but probably will.

Anyways, hubby and i dont believe in spanking.
So would time out be a good choice in disipling her?


Asked by mommyofAurora at 12:18 AM on Apr. 16, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (7)
  • Yes, it will get worse. She's in the early stages of "the terrible twos" - discovering that she is a person, just like you, that she has likes and dislikes, and trying to figure out just how much control she has over what happens to her. Hold on to your hat... it's a bumpy ride.

    Time out will help but start with "calm down". Pick a time-out spot for the coming years, some place where you can see her but with no toys or TV. When she has a fit, take her there. Let her throw her fit, don't try to talk her out of it. Stay where she can see you but pretend to ignore her. Once she calms down, thank her for calming down, tell her that you know she was upset, and briefly explain the rules...
    "I know you were mad that mommy took the scissors. Scissors can make big owies."

    And yes, the new baby will make it worse too. To help with that, start having weekly dates with just her... short, fun things with no baby.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 12:28 AM on Apr. 16, 2009

  • I don't know. I always heard you should not do time outs until the age of 2. At this age all I think you can really do is give a firm "No!" and re-direct. JMO

    Answer by Mishelly728 at 12:20 AM on Apr. 16, 2009

  • Its so hard for me. She is my little girl. I have a hard time even saying no to her, because we are both so sensitive and emotional. She breaks out crying from just saying "NO!" and so do i. Hubby says time out would be good.. but if i cant even say "NO!" with out breaking down.. how am i supposed to make her sit in time out for a minute.

    Answer by mommyofAurora at 12:23 AM on Apr. 16, 2009

  • My nephew is 14 months. I can't imagine him being in time out at that age.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:27 AM on Apr. 16, 2009

  • you can try. my daughter is 16 months and doesn't sit still so we put her in the port-a-crib for her time out and she just screams. we tried for 2 weeks and she just doesn't get it. i mean eventually the screaming stopped but she just waited until her time out was over and then just went back to what ever thing we stopped her from doing initially. so we've given up on the time out for now.

    Answer by AddysDogBear at 12:30 AM on Apr. 16, 2009

  • My babysitter introduced time out to my son at around that age. hes 3 now and it still works wonders. we make him stand against an empty spot on the wall, or u can use a time out chiar. I jsut bought a cheap plastic on from the dollar store. they may cry at first but jsut stick with it. it is hurting u more than them! now that my son is older we make him pu t his nose on the wall with hands down. otherwise he jsut dances around. i dont even have to get up and put him there anymore. if i say go to time out he goes right there. it works really well cuz i count to 3, and i vrey rarely actually get to 3. i even do time out in public. my MIL used to hate but it works every time, esp with a small fit, cuz it takes them away from the situation and gives them time to calm down. jsut a quick breather. if shE leaves time out b4 the min, just pick her up , say very little, and put her back.

    Answer by RhiannonHunt at 12:30 AM on Apr. 16, 2009

  • We started time out when Nate was about that age. Only for 1 minute. I've only done it a few times, but he does actually sit and it has helped him stop climbing on my desk. I do it for behaviors he knows he not supposed to do, like climbing on the chair to get on top of the desk. We don't use it for temper tantrums because I don't think he'd understand.


    Answer by MAUREEN55 at 12:31 AM on Apr. 16, 2009